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Mixtape 25 | Mellow Summer

Mixtape 25 | Soul of Summer

Even though the summer heat can really get to me at times, I love to walk around barefoot at home and crank up the AC when necessary. When it’s time for some good old quality time on the patio though, I happily give my mixtapes a listen – once the sun is gone that is! …

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5 Summer Favorites So Far

5 Summer Favorites So Far | Spunkyrella.com

Even though the last few weeks haven’t been exactly on the pleasant side for me, I did make sure to unwind and enjoy the moments in between. Mostly because it was way too hot to do anything else but also to not go completely insane. It’s the little things, you know? In this case, my …

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Easy Couscous Salad

When my belly was on riot the last few weeks, it was hard for me to eat healthy and still trying to avoid any stomach pain. It was very frustrating living mainly on toast and tea until I remembered this oldie but goodie. A couscous salad that’s actually a staple in my fridge during hot …

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What´s your signature summer scent?

When the temperature is rising and humidity strikes, I usually can´t be bothered with wearing any kind of perfume. My favorite ones are usually too heavy for summer, so I ditched that step in my morning routine altogether though I like to wear some kinda scent. I would grab some kind of dry oil every …

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