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8 Masks for Glowing Skin This Spring

8 Masks For Glowing Skin This Spring | Spunkyrella.com

Spring is here and I am feeling all the guilt since I haven’t taken good care of my skin and myself lately. And it shows, but what can you do? Of course, I can start by guzzling down lemon water (which I already do), loading up on veggies (the greener, the better) and cutting out sugar (for …

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Mixtape 22 | Young Folks

Mixtape 22 | Young Folks - Spunkyrella.com

This week, as the bathroom renovations were going on, I tried to soak up as much sun as I could on the patio between cleaning breaks. I hummed along to past Sunday Mixtapes and my favorite tunes on shuffle. Suddently Young Folks came up and severe flashbacks were happening right there on the sun-drenched patio… …

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4 Takes On Spring Home Decor

4 Takes On Spring Home Decor | Spunkyrella.com

When Spring comes around, everyone gets ready to clean and declutter their wardrobes, apartments and messy lives in general. What about you?   When everything is streamlined and clean again, I especially like to add new accessories to my home. Bright colored decor here and there and playful patterns to welcome spring in my humble …

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Getting Ready For Spring: My Organic Skincare Routine

Ready For Spring - Skin | Spunkyrella.com

A quick look at my calendar this morning told me that it’s officially Spring. Opening the windows was proof as well, and even a sceptic like me has to admit that the weather played along nicely. Lots of sun, breezy but warm and birds chirping like they are auditioning for a talent show. You got me already, Spring! …

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