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5 Summer Favorites So Far

5 Summer Favorites So Far | Spunkyrella.com

Even though the last few weeks haven’t been exactly on the pleasant side for me, I did make sure to unwind and enjoy the moments in between. Mostly because it was way too hot to do anything else but also to not go completely insane. It’s the little things, you know? In this case, my …

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My Dream Team For Happy Glowy Skin

My Dream Team For Happy Glowy Skin | Spunkyrella.com

When I gave you the 101 on my Daily Face Product Roundup a while ago, many of you pointed out that it’s quite an extensive regimen. And you were right! My skin just can’t find its balance lately and has horrible break-out phases and then again looks amazing with nearly nothing on. Fun times, but …

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5 Ways To Save A Sh*tty Day

How To Save A Shitty Day | Spunkyrella.com

Some days just start, well, off, and when that day is a Monday, it can be even worse. No reason to feel doomed though. I did the field work – especially after a weekend like this – and decided to share what helps me to spin a shitty day around. Or at least to make …

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My Daily Face | A Product Roundup

My Daily Face - A Product Roundup | Spunkyrella.com

This morning, while getting ready for work, I realized the way I apply my make-up is actually the same routine from Monday to Friday. Of course there’s a little switch here and there but all in all it stays quite the same.   So I thought, why not share a product roundup with you?! My …

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