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Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude

Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.com

Sparks is my way to share images and quotes with you, that speak to me. I collect all different kinds of visuals for inspiration and happen to find myself drawn to a very distinct overall theme. This month, welcome to Magical Solitude   Do you enjoy being alone? Is there anything magical to it for you? To me, there’s …

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7 Tips On How To Travel Alone

7 Tips On How To Travel Alone | Spunkyrella

When I turned 18, I didn´t care about a lot of things that came with adulthood, but I was psyched that I was finally officially allowed to travel alone. I traveled to France for two weeks during summer, along the Côte d´Azur to work on my language skills before graduation. While my French still sucks, …

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