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May Goals and Current Vibes

Another month flew by, another post coming to you straight from my couch. I feel like I got a good grip on that nasty flu and will be fine in just a few more days. And then it’s officially birthday month! Though my actual birthday isn’t before May 25th, I like to celebrate in true …

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Currently in April

Currently: Feel See Hear Read Smell | Spunkyrella.com

Sarah Silverman once said, depression feels like being homesick even though you are at home. That’s what describes my current state of mind the best.   Physically, I am totally fine. More than that to be honest. Doing the Whole 30 was one of the best decisions I made this year. I am 24 days …

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LIVINGLife + Mind

What The Whole 30 Taught Me So Far

Things 10 Days Whole30 Taught Me | Spunkyrella.com

You know that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 3 years ago and I lived okay with the meds but I never felt like I used to. There was no lasting energy and even though my mind was eager to make plans, my body just wasn’t able to follow suit and I always felt exhausted. …

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TALKINGMonthly Note

April Goals and Current Vibes

April Goals and Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

This post is coming to you straight from my couch where I just took a break from bingeing Big Little Lies (so good!) while curing a massive hangover (not what you think!). So what’s going on this month…   Going Whole 30 Yup, that’s the reason for my hangover. On April 1st, I started my …

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Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude

Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.com

Sparks is my way to share images and quotes with you, that speak to me. I collect all different kinds of visuals for inspiration and happen to find myself drawn to a very distinct overall theme. This month, welcome to Magical Solitude   Do you enjoy being alone? Is there anything magical to it for you? To me, there’s …

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