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Monday Madness No. 131 | Sheroes

Monday Madness No. 131 | Hey Ladies!

Isn’t that artwork above just gorgeous? It’s called Silenced Voices of Everyday Sheroes by Samanta Tello and the explanation reads:   For far too long, women have been silenced by patriarchal societies in most cultures, if not all. I believe we can rise above our anger and remove the barriers to our success — by …

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TALKINGMonthly Note

September Goals + Current Vibes

September Goals + Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

It’s funny how summer seems endless and then it’s suddenly gone. I, for one, am embracing the fall weather, crisp morning air and the occasional sunny bits. Just how I like it!   So, September it is and it’s been exactly one month since my new bed arrived after the whole ordeal and I couldn’t …

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From Here On Out

Real Talk - From Here On Out | Spunkyrella.com

To call it writer’s block wouldn’t do it justice. I could also blame it on the gnarly migraines happening weekly, the never-ending problems with furniture deliveries or the horrendous heat that’s been reigning over Vienna the last few weeks. Whatever I call it, however I split the blame on different problems for not blogging, it …

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TALKINGMonthly Note

July Goals and Current Vibes

July Goals and Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

It’s been a minute or two or, well, a whole month. I know, I know, but what can I say? Life happened? That’s so cliché, right?! In this case it’s true. Between dealing with impossible furniture shops, finding and fighting a wasp colony next to my patio (not-so-funny side note: I am allergic to wasp …

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