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Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR

Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR - Spunkyrella.com

Hello May! My birthday month has officially begun and I am stoked as can be. Also it’s Monday and on Mondays we share some link love over here, also known as Monday Madness!   Cue for a little sappiness: I can’t believe it’s already the 129th issue of sorts. This is wild! If you fancy a …

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Monday Madness No. 128 | Girls, Girls, Girls

Monday Madness No. 128 - Girls, Girls, Girls - Spunkyrella.com

It’s Monday and Monday means Monday Madness! Once again, I’ve scoured my favorite reads from fellow female bloggers as well as women who are just killing it lately. Since my Live Feminism! rant quickly became one of your favorites so far, I decided to keep the girl power in this month’s link love. Cool?!   …

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Why Feminist Isn’t A Dirty Word

why-feminist-isnt-a-dirty-word-spunkyrella-1 Why Feminist Isnt A Dirty Word

There isn’t a term as contradictory as feminism right now. Especially women either claim to have no opinion on that subject or they are aggressively against it or feel uncomfortable to even talk about it. Like it’s an out-of-body experience to declare yourself feminist. Feminism, Feminism, Feminism! There, I said it three times. Can it …

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Work Trips + Road Trips | A Book for Creative Freelancers

Work Trips And Road Trips | Spunkyrella.com

In an effort to not only talk feminism but live feminism, I want to practice what I preach and support one of our very own. Monika Kanokova is a visionary, a GirlBoss, a creative force who is ready to publish her third book (in 3 years!) by launching her latest Kickstarter campain.   Her books …

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Why Women Need to Empower Women

Why Women Need To Empower Women - Spunkyrella.com

Last night, Adele forcibly broke her Grammy award in two*, because in her opinion, Beyoncé’s Lemonade should have won Album of the Year. There, the most influential female vocalists of our time couldn’t stop gushing about one another. They shared their voices and tears and simply put, just love for the success the other queen …

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