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How To Revamp Your Coffee Game

My life changed quite a lot over the last couple of years. One thing that stayed and will always be a constant in my day-to-day hustle, is my love for coffee. Being a reader of Spunkyrella, of course you know that already, but there’s just something about coffee and the different ways I like to …

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The Frank Body Lip Duo

New In: Frank Body Lip Scrub & Balm I Spunkyrella.com

Coffee and me, we go way back. And of course I am having some freshly brewed and cinnamon-topped goodness as we speak. Still, only few people know how amazing coffee-fueled goodies actually are for your beauty regimen as well!   I blame it on Instagram which lately has been my top source for coming across …

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Dream Home Coffee Bar

Dream Home Coffee Bar | Spunkyrella.com

Lately, I find myself dreaming about a little coffee nook. You know that kind of in-home coffee bar to dedicate your gazillion different mugs to and maybe play up your wall with some nice art to go with it. Something like that would be great to call my own. A Dream Home Coffee Bar, no barista needed!   In …

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