Introducing: Fierce Woman

Introducing: Fierce Woman |

I am excited to finally announce what has been years in the making: Fierce Woman. First, let’s go down memory lane for a moment. I started Spunkyrella in April 2011, so 6 years ago, and after a year of dedicating this space almost entirely to a so-called metamorphosis workout program and everything around it, I was done and knew I needed to shift my focus.


At that time, my obsession with magazines that focused on women’s issues just started. I read every interview I could get my hands on and watched every video there was. I was fascinated and eager to learn about life from other women. There was just one part that irked me. It was always famous women who were asked about life and struggles. I respect where they are coming from, but I wanted to see the regular Joanne in the spotlight, and wanted to get real and talk about topics you wouldn’t necessarily see discussed elsewhere. Loss, addiction, financial struggles, cancer, abuse, abortion, infertility, mental health, racism, poverty, … You know, the uncomfortable things we don’t necessarily like to talk about but really need to. From woman to woman.


Fierce Woman | Spunkyrella


I knew right then and there that I wanted to create a platform that allows me to talk to women I met through blogging, freelancing and basically life. Women from different backgrounds, who overcame various obstacles, who have a vision and go for it. Women, who speak up. Women, who’s stories need to be told. Women, like you and me, who hustle hard and are okay with popularity and fame if it comes in the package, but who are not out to look for it in the first place.


Thus, Fierce Woman was born and for years its working title was The Fearless but I was never really happy with it. It sounds shallow and unreal, no?! I mean even the bravest and boldest ones fear at least one thing, so that title had to go…


fierce | the combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions.


That’s when I realized that by saying fearless, I actually meant fierce. I tried hard to find an alliteration that goes with it, to no avail. That’s when my friend Nina stepped in and with a little nudge, she encouraged me to not play around and call that taking-the-world-by-storm-gal what she truly is – A Fierce Woman!


Then the fun part began. Since I wanted to launch Fierce Woman on the blog, I needed a fresh fierce look and was on the hunt to find someone who could do just that. I knew finding a letterer who gets my vision and who is able to put that feeling into writing was no easy task. Enter Courtney Shelton from Hibrid to the stage. I always had her in the back of my head and knew that I wanted to work with her one day. I love her signature lettering and adore the cool cat that she is. Courtney turned out to be the perfect fit! She knocked it out of the park, don’t you agree?!


That’s why I couldn’t wait any longer to share the news with you. The first interview won’t arrive for another couple of weeks, but at least there’s something now we can all look forward to: the launch of Fierce Woman. I sure do! ♥



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TALKINGMonthly Note

May Goals and Current Vibes

May Goals and Current Vibes |

Another month flew by, another post coming to you straight from my couch. I feel like I got a good grip on that nasty flu and will be fine in just a few more days. And then it’s officially birthday month! Though my actual birthday isn’t before May 25th, I like to celebrate in true #Maybaby fashion every year. Because why not? Here’s what else I am up to this month…


Life after Whole30

As you know I did the Whole 30 in April and all in all I really liked it. I am sure my higher stress level during that time didn’t help and is partly responsible I came down with the flu in the end, but every big change comes with its side effects. Right?! So, I plan on continuing the prepping and cooking that saved me serious cash and also took the dread out of the daily lunch question. I plan on taking you along for the ride and share my favorite recipes that follow the basic paleo guidelines and are gluten-free and dairy-free for those who like to give it a try as well.


Operation New Bed

For my birthday this year, I want to treat myself to a new bed. When I moved almost a year ago, I thought I would go for a Boxspring bed since they are so popular right now and you can find different styles that suit different tastes, but as it turns out, I don’t really care so much for a bulky bed. I like a wooden frame and a great mattress and new sheets. We’ll see if it’s happening in time for my birthday. I actually prepared a new bedroom inspiration post that I’ll be sharing later this week. Stay tuned!


Behind the scenes

Since I registered Spunkyrella as a business, I’ve been struggling with formal stuff and taxes. Blogging isn’t a proper thing here in Austria, at least business-wise, so finding someone to help me out on how to do this right has been tough. And there are literally so many different opinions on what is right and wrong. It’s exhausting! This month, I plan on finally tackling that beast and finish my tax report before my birthday arrives. Also, if you happen to be Austrian and are or know a great tax accountant – let me know!


(Work) Trip in Fall

Since I was sick and had to cancel my trip to Berlin to attend The Hive, I plan on going on a trip later this year and maybe combine it with another professional gathering for creatives and bloggers if possible. I like to challenge myself and learn new things and would love to do so in a new city. If you happen to know anything that might be up my alley, let me know!



What are you up to this month? Are you a #Maybaby, too?



(Image by The Fit Foodie



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The Best Pancakes

The Best Pancakes |

I was looking forward to Sunday brunch in Berlin while attending The Hive this weekend, as you know. But life had other plans. I came down with a full-blown flu mid-week and sadly had to cancel my trip.


Instead, after four days of bed rest, I decided to celebrate my first day feeling slightly more human again with some homemade brunch food instead. Pancakes for the win! Still battling the sniffles, but no more vertigo (thank goodness!), I entered the kitchen. When I think of brunch, I don’t think about booze or loads of sugar, like many. Of course I like to splurge, I am a known foodie after all, but nowadays I like to balance my meals and always look out for a good dose of protein first and foremost.


To whip up these babies, you just need one ripe banana, two eggs and a fork to get started. Voilà! Pancakes so fluffy and divine, I never want to go back to regular ones! Not kidding!


   Here‘ s what you need:

• 1 ripe banana

• 2 organic eggs

• Ghee or coconut oil

• Toppings you prefer, I chose berries, coconut milk, pecans, maple syrup.



   Now, the prep (Makes 4-5 pancakes):
  1. With a fork smush the ripe banana with the eggs in a small bowl until the mixture has a not too liquid consistency. You could use a blender of course, but I prefer a few banana chunks left in the mix!
  2. Heat a small pan with ghee or coconut oil. When it’s fully melted, I like to take the excess fat off with a paper towel. This prevents burning.
  3. Reduce the heat. With a tablespoon place a heaping of the mixture in the middle of the pan and immediately flatten it with the back of the spoon.
  4. When the edges of the pancake slightly turn upwards and crispy, use a spatula to flip the pancake.
  5. Repeat for each pancake.
  6. When the pan seems too dry between pancakes, use the greasy papertowel to add some grease back to the pan before you proceed.
  7. I like to have the pancakes with raspberries and blueberries and add them between the layers as well as a gracious dollop of firm canned coconut milk from the fridge. The heat of the fresh pancakes melts it and also warms up the berries. Yum.
  8. Last but not least, top the pancakes with pecans or shredded coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup, if you like. Dig in and enjoy your easy, quick, healthy, gluten-free, paleo pancakes.


Let me know, if you’ll give them a try and feel free to tag me in your photos @spunkyrella throughout social media!



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Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR

Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR -

Hello May! My birthday month has officially begun and I am stoked as can be. Also it’s Monday and on Mondays we share some link love over here, also known as Monday Madness!


Cue for a little sappiness: I can’t believe it’s already the 129th issue of sorts. This is wild! If you fancy a trip down memory lane – not too far down maybe (insert all the embarrassed emojis) – here’s all of the Monday Madness goodness combined. Ah, good times!


Now, back to business and all the glorious femmes who keep spreading some much needed GRLPWR. Just so you know, I would love to have you all over for a girlpower dinner party. You in?



“And in the end I think, it’s ok to not be spectacular every single day”… Sara, in her thought-provoking piece called Be a Blossom Tree. Go, read it!


• How self-doubt and oversharing go hand-in-hand sometimes. The Shiny Pretty Happy’s very own Amy is shining a light on that matter in Uncomfortable.


• Chloe’s Running On Empty post had me all nodding and clapping over here. We need to talk openly and unapologetically about mental health and its many faces, ladies!


“If someone wants to be a feminist, I’m not going to be the clipboard girl denying entry to the club because ‘You’re doing it wrong’ “… Oh, Maddie, never change!


Dare to Dream Big. Kerstin is raw and honest and definitely another dream dinner party guest. Ever since a short hiatus at the beginning of the year, she’s hitting it out of the park lately over at Miss Getaway. If you’re in the mood to add another Austrian blogging gal to your list – of course you are – go, do it :)


• Geri is keeping it real on her journey and latest life update: Heart Vs. Ego. Kudos to you, lady!


• YES, YES, YES! Can We Stop Judging Other People’s Reproductive Choices?! #mybodymychoice


GIRLS: The Final Season was the Show at its Saddest, and its Best… While the last season was strong, the final one was undoubtedly the best. So. Many. Feels! I tweeted up a storm and I am not ashamed to admit that it took me six seasons to warm up to her until I finally irrevocably fell in love with Hannah Horvath. Such a great show!



(Image by Harley Quinn & Co.)



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Mixtape 23 | Making Waves

Mixtape 23 | Making Waves -

There are tunes that come to you when you least expect them to. I am a firm believer in music curing the soul and for the last week this has been tried and tested like never before. Making Waves is exactly the mixtape I needed to create this month, the one I needed to listen to on repeat and the one I need to share with you right now. To me, it’s deeply personal.


I obviously love all of my Sunday Mixtapes. They are my babies for sure. This one though is different. Lucky number 23 stood by me in the darkest of times, kicked my ass back into beast-mode and helped me crawl up from that deep dark hole. It sure taught me to hang in there and get through it. Maybe it’ll help you who is reading this, too?





Have a great Sunday 



(Image by Mike Seehagel)






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