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5 Ways To Live More Intuitively

How To Live More Intuitively |

One of my goals this year is to actively listen to my body and learn what it needs. Sometimes that means a fresh green smoothie and other times it means having all the chocolate cookies and a nice cup of coffee to wash it down with. It’s all about balance, you know. Lately, there was no balance though. I wasn’t able to go to sleep, when I was tired or taking a few moments off to ground myself, when I felt overwhelmed. I felt extremely out of touch with myself, inside and out.


Recently, I learned how much impact a stressful life has on the body and the way it might cause major inflammation everywhere. For someone who already has to deal with an autoimmune disease, this also added to being so out of touch with myself. Piece by piece I was able to put that puzzle together and decided that enough is enough and I need to take back the reins. I made a few changes to the way I eat, live and deal with stressful situations. Maybe that’s something some of you struggle with as well.


Here are five ways to live more intuitively that made such a difference in my life so far:


Focus on your breath

I wasn’t aware that I don’t breathe the right way. My breath is kinda flat which means the oxygen isn’t properly delivered to all of the body’s cells. By putting my focus on my breathing throughout the day, I feel much more relaxed and energized in an instant. Give it a try!


Eat when and what makes you feel good

This means to not put any emphasis on so-called typical meal times. If you don’t feel like having lunch at noon, then don’t. If everyone wants to order pizza, but you feel like having a big bowl of scrumptious salad with prawns instead, go for it. It’s so much easier to just go with the flow, I know that because that’s practically what I lived by, but it’s much more worth it, to really listen to your body and feed it what it needs.


Create before you consume

One thing that not only takes up way too much time but also is a sure-fire way to make me feel bad in just a minute or less, is mindlessly scrolling through my social media feeds before doing something productive for myself. I know that we basically control our feeds and who we follow and don’t follow ourselves. Leave it to me though, to find the perfect time to come across an article that smack-talks including smoothies to your diet, when I was about to have one… Therefore, I made it a priority to not go online when I am hungry, to not read other blogs before blogging myself, and to not purchase anything online before giving it a second thought.


Live in the moment

In the past, I counted being able to multitask to my strengths and praised myself for being able to cross-read an article, eat lunch, text with a friend and email a coworker at the same time. Not only is this extremely stressful for the body and mind, it’s also practically useless. A few minutes later, I usually wasn’t able to repeat what that article said, confirm if I added any attachments to the email or if I enjoyed my lunch that I just had. It doesn’t make any sense or does it?! Now, for instance, when I am in my kitchen cooking, I am really there. I don’t scroll through my feeds or check my emails while I wait for the water to boil. I cut up veggies in the meantime or load the dishwasher. Not only is my body present in the kitchen, my mind is too.


Find a sleep routine that works for you

For years I was envious of those who could just sleep 4 hours a night and felt rested, because they had so much more time in a day to get stuff done. Right?! On the flip side I admired those who could easily sleep 9 hours and felt well rested and never seemed to struggle to handle their assignments. I just juggled along, often ran late and forgot the smallest details if I didn’t write them down. So annoying!


It was hard for me to calm down before bed and to fall asleep because my head was still on. That changed when I started to really listen to my body’s signals and what works for me. It’s still not perfect but way better than a few weeks ago. Now, I sleep around 7 hours, which seems to be the magic number for me, and use a body oil that calms me down before bed. I like to read a few pages in bed with dimmed light which also adds to getting sleepy. Also it’s a strictly phone-free zone! Works like a charm 




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Why Feminist Isn’t A Dirty Word

Why Feminist Isn't A Dirty Word |

There isn’t a term as contradictory as feminism right now. Especially women either claim to have no opinion on that subject or they are aggressively against it or feel uncomfortable to even talk about it. Like it’s an out-of-body experience to declare yourself feminist. Feminism, Feminism, Feminism! There, I said it three times. Can it now please manifest itself in our heads as the normal thing that it is?!


As an avid blog reader myself, I read many posts about what feminism means in this day and age to various bloggers male and female, but mostly female. Between the lines, a certain reluctance swung with the words though. I assume you regularly read a few blogs as well and just know when you come across a paragraph that’s not dedicated to something but also not against it. More like “yeah, feminism. What else is new?!” to include the keyword for once and be done with it.


Being a feminist means you believe that men and women are equal!


That’s it! Period. What feminism doesn’t mean are many things. Feminism doesn’t mean that you hate men, it doesn’t mean that you hate masculine women (yes, I heard that as well believe it or not!), it doesn’t mean that you think women are superior to men. Feminism doesn’t mean that the world should be lead by dominatrix women who enslave the male population (and yes, I read about that crazy scenario on a blog as well). Feminism, of course, also includes the LGBTQ community. Why is that even a question? It’s mindblowing how many things feminism doesn’t mean, yet they are more discussed than the simple statement that being a feminist truly is!


If you are male and consider yourself a feminist, it means that you believe that a woman should receive the same paycheck as you and a female competitor deserves the same chances as you. You believe that men and women are equal and worthy of equal rights. If you are female and consider yourself a feminist, you believe the same exact thing. Isn’t that amazing?!


There are people who try to make this overly complicated by saying they aren’t feminists but egalitarian. So what now?! Egalitarian, by definition, means that someone believes in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic and social life. For me that comes in the package. It wouldn’t make much sense to call yourself egalitarian but not feminist or does it?


The bottom line is, that feminist isn’t a dirty word and you shouldn’t feel afraid to use it. Quite the opposite actually, you should shout if from the rooftops and be informed about what you can do to empower your fellow females. Maybe you want to start with my not-so-ranty rant on how important it is that Women Empower Women or why it pains me that it’s still such a foreign concept to Live Feminism! I, for one, am a feminist with a never ending to-do list. Who are you?



(Image via girlboss)


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Mixtape 22 | Young Folks

Mixtape 22 | Young Folks -

This week, as the bathroom renovations were going on, I tried to soak up as much sun as I could on the patio between cleaning breaks. I hummed along to past Sunday Mixtapes and my favorite tunes on shuffle. Suddently Young Folks came up and severe flashbacks were happening right there on the sun-drenched patio…


A few years back, I spent nearly a year in New York City, residing in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood close to Prospect Park. Living in a German-American household with a music writer on hand, made me appreciate my love for indie music even more. New CD’s were mailed in daily and I was asked about my opinion a lot, which was so exciting for a rookie music aficionado like me.


That way, I was introduced to artists like Citizen Cope, The Weepies and also Peter Bjorn and John, and can’t listen to their tunes without feeling instantly brought back to the good old Brooklyn days. So, I was standing there on my patio, the messy bathroom was calling my name for cleaning round number two, when Young Folks came on. It was glorious. I had it on loop the whole afternoon and cleaned the place like a beast. And as the sun set, we had another epic coral pink sky moment. The third one that week…


I mixed that Spring tune from my Brooklyn days with current releases and initially wanted to name this mixtape Smells like Spring, when I realized, there’s only one title that would do it justice…





Have a great Sunday 







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5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now

5 Books You Need To Read Right Now |

Even though the last couple of weeks have been crazy over here, I managed to read way more than in the last six months. That’s why I wanted to talk books today, especially empowering books for women, feminism books if you will. You in?


In a way it all started with Galentine’s Day. I found this rad book called Bad Girls Throughout Historyir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=1452153930 5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Nowand had to send it to my girl Nina, since it made me think of her so much. Meanwhile I got one copy for myself and it’s such a fun read chock-full of interesting facts and covers every badass woman you can think of: From Marie Antoinette to Maya Angelou, from Josephine Baker to Tina Fey and from Oprah to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, it’s exactly as kick-ass and inspiring as it sounds!


Another book tailored to educate (little) girls is Good Night Stories for Rebel Girlsir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=014198600X 5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now. Well, I think it’s dedicated to everyone really. I love the intro that says “To the rebel girls of the world: Dream bigger, aim higher, fight harder. And, when in doubt, remember you are right!” How awesome is that?! Again, this book introduces power women throughout history from different fields of expertise, such as mathematician, writer, activist, surfer, tattoo artist, politician, spy, queen, gymnast and marine biologist. Basically it’s for all the girls outthere who dream to be more one day than a princess who waits around for a prince to save her!


A book delivery that was highly anticipated by yours truly was Difficult Womenir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=1472152778 5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now by Roxane Gay. I read and heard so many wonderful things about it and couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on it and for a good reason. It’s the first book from Roxane Gay I got to read, but definitely not my last! These 21 short stories of women from all walks of life are powerful and heart-wrenching to read but so so beautifully written, you just know you will read them again!


Men Explain Things To Meir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=1608464660 5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now consists of seven essays that are basically the antidote to the mansplaining culture. It was a total surprise find since it was a suggested read and what can I say? With a click, it went into the shopping cart and rightfully so. If you’ve ever been mansplained – and if you are a women, you sure have been – this read is for you!


And last but not least, let me throw A Short History of Womenir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=141659499X 5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now into the mix. This novel chronicles five generations of women beginning at 1914 and deals with the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. Though it’s only around a 270 page read, it is thought-provoking and was admittedly hard for me to get through. In a way, I think this stems from my own complicated family dynamic. Still, it’s a valuable original read for any woman who has ever struggled to find her own voice!




(Image via LibraryShopSD)



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A Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Renovation |

When you ask me about my dream bathroom, I would say it has to have a masculine Scandinavian vibe to it. I love black, white and gray tones and a very minimal approach when it comes to decor. Hints of wood, a bit of greenery, but other than that all-white-everything.


This week, it’s bathroom renovation time as I told you. Yesterday, the plumbers came in early to rip out the shower and appliances. Right now, the bathroom is a gutted mess and I try to stay calm about it, but that didn’t stop me to clean everything last night while sliding around on my knees somehow… The new shower was just built in as we speak and tomorrow the new tiles are scheduled to make an appearance. I can’t wait for this mess to be over, and we’re only on day two. Oh my…


Still, good things come to those who wait! And since I am only renting, I am happy the landlord finally came to see that this is something that needs to be done. I might not get the bathroom of my dreams (see above) after all, but white wall tiles and dark gray floor tiles are a good start, I think. And now, the only thing I can contribute is browsing my favorite online shops to update my bathroom situation and tweak it into my kind of perfection.


White Towels

Believe it or not but upon moving into my very first own apartment (read: no family, no room mates), I was obsessed with tomato red everything. So I updated that dark bathroom back in the day with red towels and knick-knacks. These days, I am all for white when it comes to bathroom decor. Especially white towels give this luxe feel to me and if you take good care of them, they’ll stay white for years to come.


A little bit of marble

Marble is having a huge comeback right now and there’s nothing that can update a bathroom decor like marble can. This marble vanity set includes a pump dispenser, marble jar and soap dish and is too cute for words.


White baskets and storage

We all have those little bits and bobs roaming around and these little baskets are a great storage solution. The look cute and only you know what’s hiding inside. I like white fabric that’s washable, so it stays and looks fresh for a very long time.


Lavender, Coriander and Grapefruit

As much as I love earthy tones when it comes to my personal perfume choice, in my bathroom I like to have liquid grapefruit or coriander soap on hand (pun intended!) and also a whiff of lavender here and there. I believe a bathroom should be your sanctuary and a place for you to calm down, wash off the day and relax. Find out which scents will do that for you, it’s totally worth it!


Candles all the way

Speaking of scent, my friend sent me this The Beach People candle and I can’t wait to find a special place for it and its ocean air with notes of tropical florals and driftwood to work its magic. If that’s not perfect, I don’t know what is! Funny side note: I actually don’t care so much for burning candles, but just having quality candles nearby will spread hints of scent throughout the day without smelling overpowering. Give it a try ♥

(Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel)


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