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March Goals And Current Vibes

March Goals And Current Vibes |

Hello March! So nice to have you back. Well, this post was supposed to happen yesterday, but what can I tell you?! The sun is back on the patio and I was just too busy soaking up all the Vitamin D I can get #sorrynotsorry.   So while the chicken-veggie-broth is cooking – I believe …

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#28DaysOfBlogging | A Round-Up

#28DaysOfBlogging - A Round-up |

  There was a different post planned for today, but sometimes you drag and drop and it just doesn’t feel right, so why push it?! So, I am posting my #28DaysOfBlogging round-up one day early and I hope you don’t think that’s cheating! This month really flew by. When you blog every day and don’t really …

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Things We Don’t Want to Tell Ourselves

Things We Don't Want To Tell Ourselves -

I am okay. I am fine. No, actually, I am not but I also don’t want to hear anyone’s suggestions or opinions. I have always been extremely private even in front of friends and people who are close to me. That’s just how I am. Dealing with things on my own terms, at my own …

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Why Women Need to Empower Women

Why Women Need To Empower Women -

Last night, Adele forcibly broke her Grammy award in two*, because in her opinion, Beyoncé’s Lemonade should have won Album of the Year. There, the most influential female vocalists of our time couldn’t stop gushing about one another. They shared their voices and tears and simply put, just love for the success the other queen …

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