TALKINGMonthly Note

April Goals and Current Vibes

April Goals and Current Vibes |

This post is coming to you straight from my couch where I just took a break from bingeing Big Little Lies (so good!) while curing a massive hangover (not what you think!). So what’s going on this month…   Going Whole 30 Yup, that’s the reason for my hangover. On April 1st, I started my …

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TALKINGMonthly Note

March Goals And Current Vibes

March Goals And Current Vibes |

Hello March! So nice to have you back. Well, this post was supposed to happen yesterday, but what can I tell you?! The sun is back on the patio and I was just too busy soaking up all the Vitamin D I can get #sorrynotsorry.   So while the chicken-veggie-broth is cooking – I believe …

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#28DaysOfBlogging | A Round-Up

#28DaysOfBlogging - A Round-up |

  There was a different post planned for today, but sometimes you drag and drop and it just doesn’t feel right, so why push it?! So, I am posting my #28DaysOfBlogging round-up one day early and I hope you don’t think that’s cheating! This month really flew by. When you blog every day and don’t really …

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Things We Don’t Want to Tell Ourselves

Things We Don't Want To Tell Ourselves -

I am okay. I am fine. No, actually, I am not but I also don’t want to hear anyone’s suggestions or opinions. I have always been extremely private even in front of friends and people who are close to me. That’s just how I am. Dealing with things on my own terms, at my own …

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