Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR

Monday Madness No. 129 | GRLPWR -

Hello May! My birthday month has officially begun and I am stoked as can be. Also it’s Monday and on Mondays we share some link love over here, also known as Monday Madness!   Cue for a little sappiness: I can’t believe it’s already the 129th issue of sorts. This is wild! If you fancy a …

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Mixtape 23 | Making Waves

Mixtape 23 | Making Waves -

There are tunes that come to you when you least expect them to. I am a firm believer in music curing the soul and for the last week this has been tried and tested like never before. Making Waves is exactly the mixtape I needed to create this month, the one I needed to listen …

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Spunkyrella Business Cards

Spunkyrella Business Cards |

It’s been nearly two years since Corina from Cocorrina and I came up with the all new Spunkyrella brand and it still feels so new and fresh and has me all heart-eyes-emojis over here. Looking back, that’s exactly what I was hoping for!   Spunkyrella went through many different designs over the years, just like …

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8 Masks for Glowing Skin This Spring

8 Masks For Glowing Skin This Spring |

Spring is here and I am feeling all the guilt since I haven’t taken good care of my skin and myself lately. And it shows, but what can you do?! Of course, I can start by guzzling down lemon water (which I already do), loading up on veggies (the greener, the better) and cutting out sugar (for …

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Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude

Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude -

Sparks is my way to share images and quotes with you, that speak to me. I collect all different kinds of visuals for inspiration and happen to find myself drawn to a very distinct overall theme. This month, welcome to Magical Solitude   Do you enjoy being alone? Is there anything magical to it for you? To me, there’s …

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