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Three YouTube Workouts for Beginners

Better Sore Than Sorry: Quick YouTube Workouts I Love -

Last week, I really got my ass kicked mentally-speaking. Sometimes life hits you a curve ball or two or three and suddenly you realize you’re only human and can only take so much.   Your mental health should always be your priority! I learned that the hard way by being there for others 24/7 and …

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Three Cities I Must Travel To This Year

Three Cities I Must Travel To | Spunkyrella

Last year, we talked about 4 Cities in Europe you and I must see and sadly I only made it to one of them. Amsterdam, Stockholm and Lisbon are still on my wishlist, while I had an amazing weekend in Prague, so I don’t want to complain here. I am just an urbanite by heart, …

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LIVINGLife + Mind

5 Ways To Save A Sh*tty Day

How To Save A Shitty Day |

Some days just start, well, off, and when that day is a Monday, it can be even worse. No reason to feel doomed though. I did the field work – especially after a weekend like this – and decided to share what helps me to spin a shitty day around. Or at least to make …

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The Best Of Food

best-of-food-blog-posts-spunkyrella The Best Of Food

We can’t crawl down the Spunkyrella archives and not talk about food, right?! And let me tell you I found some good stuff there from many years ago. It’s funny though. My taste sure changed over the years but I still don’t like to strictly follow a recipe. I am more a whip-up-as-you-go kinda girl …

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The Best Of Home + Interior

At Home Best Of -

It’s day two of the archive purge and I found the perfect home interior posts to share again with you today. The At Home category was born because I have such a knack for interior design and love to shop for home decor and find true steals here and there. With the new home and the …

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