H E L L O  +  W E L C O M E !







1. A passionate, quirky, fearless urbanite, armed with a smile, seeking adventures in her everyday life, always great coffee on hand;


2. The spunkyrella woman is constantly expressing, living, loving, exploring, evolving and ever changing. Like Superwoman. Just more fun.





I am Martina Menzini an Austrian born and bred urbanite living loving and talking based in Vienna. A self-confessed foodie, coffee snob and feminist at heart who’s bending so-called traditions one rule at a time.


Being a true Viennese girl in her blooming thirties, I live to explore and improve my life one brunch at a time. Blogging about my adventures in the city, organic skincare, living with Hashimoto’s and modern day feminism has propelled me into freelance writing and building my portfolio on developing content for various international online magazines.


What was once a website to share my accomplishments in weight-loss including rigid workouts and fad diets, has now grown into a place of body positivity and self-love. An advice nook filled with candid talks to inspire women worldwide to live their lives fearlessly.


Spunkyrella is a hub for like-minded women for all things fierce, urban, feminist, health-focused, empowering and unapologetically honest. Sharing my passion for the fierce life and mind, my mission is to give you the information and inspiration to live your life proudly to the beat of your own drum. From one spunkyrella woman to another