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To call it writer’s block wouldn’t do it justice. I could also blame it on the gnarly migraines happening weekly, the never-ending problems with furniture deliveries or the horrendous heat that’s been reigning over Vienna the last few weeks. Whatever I call it, however I split the blame on different problems for not blogging, it doesn’t change the fact that I neglected this treasured space of mine for far too long. And a treasured space it is. I love it. I missed it. But truth to be told, I was also extremely frustrated with everything.


It doesn’t matter if I was thinking about it every single day, if I made sure to stay on top of my Bloglovin’ feed (under 20 unread posts, otherwise it doesn’t count for me), and updated every single plugin to keep the baby running in the background at least. That’s not what you see when you click the website. I didn’t keep up the momentum I had in February, when I was blogging every single day and switched blog hosts as well and doing a million different things at the same time successfully. It was fun, I got a lot of work done but an unhealthy level of inertia crept up on me and got the best of me. I spread myself too thin and think this is where my severe migraines are coming from lately. I always want to do it all and I want it to be perfect but done is better than perfect and when I want to share with you, I should. Just like that! It is what it is!


I also decided to stop the comparison game once and for all. I will not look at other bloggers anymore, block haters without second-guessing myself and just stop wrangling my brain all the time that put even more worries on my never-ending worry-pile. This is my space, this is me and you are more than welcome to read, share, chime in, help, suggest, love and laugh over here! Everything else is a waste of time, lost energy and way too much bullsh*t that’s really not needed on top of the other hate online, or is it?!



We are excited to be back*. Spunkyrella and me, that is 




*For real now!