Three Cities I Must Travel To This Year

Three Cities I Must Travel To | Spunkyrella

Last year, we talked about 4 Cities in Europe you and I must see and sadly I only made it to one of them. Amsterdam, Stockholm and Lisbon are still on my wishlist, while I had an amazing weekend in Prague, so I don’t want to complain here. I am just an urbanite by heart, cities are my jam and I like the energy that’s almost palpable in a bustling city. Nothing makes me happier!


This year though I am finally going to Berlin, where I’ve never been thus far! Can you believe that? Austria is Germany’s neighbor but I never travelled North of Bavaria. In May, it’s finally happening. A weekend in Berlin, I am thrilled to experience! If you have any recommendations, keep them coming!


I am still dreaming about a solo trip to Lisbon one of these days. I don’t know what exactly draws me to this city, but I just know I have to make it happen. A cozy little hotel, with a room overlooking parts of the city, is just what the doctor ordered. Just me, myself and my camera. I am in!


Last but not least, it’s been way too many moons since good old New York City has seen my face. Ever since I lived there and then visited at least once a year for several years after, I have felt this sadness deep within. Like a long lost love, that proverbial one that got away… That’s how I feel about NYC. I miss it so much it hurts, but I am afraid leaving again would crush me even more so. Still, I believe it’s been so many years and it doesn’t necessarily have to hold so many tragic memories anymore. There’s always room for amazing new ones and new friends I am dying to finally meet in person (Hi, Sara!). So, we’ll see. Nothing is set in stone yet but I think a quick trip might be in the cards this year.




What’s on your travel wishlist this year?




(Image courtesy of Jinna Yang from Project Inspo)



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