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5 Ways To Save A Sh*tty Day

How To Save A Shitty Day |

Some days just start, well, off, and when that day is a Monday, it can be even worse. No reason to feel doomed though. I did the field work – especially after a weekend like this – and decided to share what helps me to spin a shitty day around. Or at least to make it suck less. Ready?


Restart your day

Do you have the same routine every day? I bet you do like many of us. Think about what would make your morning easier on you right now? Reading in your favorite book for 10 minutes first thing in the morning? A new smoothie recipe to start the day? Or a quick shower with a zesty shower gel to lift your mood maybe? I listed my favorites below for you. All of these work! Trust me.


Treat Yourself

Sometimes sleeping in or spontaneously taking a day off, is not in the cards. If you can, leave work early or come in later. Treat yourself to a solo breakfast at your favorite joint or have a late lunch there. Nothing works better lifting your mood, than truly great food!


Write a Thank You Note

That sounds odd, I know! But hear me out. When I feel really bad, writing a heartfelt note or email to someone makes me feel better instantly. Did you come across a blog post you loved or an Instagram snap of one of your favorite people? Tell them! Chances are, no one did and it will make their day, which will make your day. This is how math works, people!


Fuel up on vitamin d

Those gray and dreary days sure take a toll on us and our mood. Our bodies and minds crave sunlight and since I am no fan of tanning beds, there are proven ways to imitate that more safely: take a walk on your lunch break, eat some wild salmon with veggies or have this liquid immune-mood-boost. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear in no time, promised!


Be kind to yourself

As I always like you (and myself) to remember: You have a bad day, not a bad life! Some days are just meant to be spent snuggled up on the couch with a big piece of savory chocolate cake and a 1990s Meg Ryan rom-com. It’s fine and necessary sometimes. Be kind and gentle and treat yourself like a trusty friend. With love, not guilt ♥



(Image via Saint of Sass)