Hello again

When you haven’t been blogging for quite a while, there really is no perfect time to get back to it. Eventually, you just got to do it. After a week of going back and forth about how and when to post, I decided to just pull the trigger and go.


Hello again

You might remember that I moved into my new apartment back in May. I love living here, but – and we all knew that was coming – it felt like my patience had been tested tremendously. Summed up, there were many little things that needed fixing. For instance, my outdoor space was renovated due to water damage that leaked through the walls into the kitchen… All in all, it wasn’t pretty and at times I felt like Tom Hanks in The Money Pit (this scene especially!), but I knew being patient would be worth it. Now, a few months later, I am happy to report that we’re nearly done and I can finally focus on furniture and decorating the place!


Needless to say, there was no energy left to blog. In the midst of it all my thyroid condition worsened and just for the holidays I got sick. Twice. Ugh.



Still, I missed this community. I missed you and a few weeks ago, I reached out to Meg again to make some changes around here. A few things are still in the works but as I said, you have to pull the trigger at some point. So, stay tuned!


One thing I wanted to change for a while was the commenting option. As an avid blog reader myself, I often hesitate to comment because of the hassle to fill out those comment forms. I enjoy using Disqus as a commenting reader, so I decided to include it into my blog as well and I hope it’s now easier for you to use. You can also log in via your social media accounts,if you like. I downsized the categories and the overall content of Spunkyrella, but more on that later. I am working on new blog series and plan to include more personal content including lil sis, of course.


Here’s to new plans and new adventures! Bring it, 2017!



(Image courtesy of Courtney Shelton via HIBRID)