Getting Ready For Spring: My Organic Skincare Routine

Ready For Spring - Skin | Spunkyrella.comReady For Spring - Skin | Spunkyrella.com

A quick look at my calendar this morning told me that it’s officially Spring. Opening the windows was proof as well, and even a sceptic like me has to admit that the weather played along nicely. Lots of sun, breezy but warm and birds chirping like they are auditioning for a talent show. You got me already, Spring!


And I must admit I wasn’t too disappointed looking into the mirror as well. My skin looks very clear and glowy these days. If you want to have glowy Spring skin, you really need to put powerful products to work during winter. For me, it seems like my winter skin routine totally paid off. I already told you about My New Clean Skin Routine and additionally to that I got to try a few products from the organic skincare line from Team Dr. Joseph that really got me through winter weather, patchy skin and all. I already used up the cream and serum as the photos clearly suggest and thus far, me and the cleanser are still going strong. Here’s what I used…


Ready For Spring - Skin | Spunkyrella.com

The Serum

Extra Sensitive Calming Serum  Winter calls for an extra dose of pampering and an effective serum is the best way to start. This powerful potion contains Edelweiss which is known for its antioxidant effect. Its color resembles green tea and at first it felt a bit sticky on my hands, but it sinks right in and 2 – 3 drops is really all that’s needed. I used it every night for the last four months, on especially freezing days in the morning as well. My skin definitely appeared less oily, so it seemed like this serum really is balancing things out!


The Moisturizer

Daily Moisturizing Cream  This cream seemed so buttery thick at first that I was hesitant to use it given my already oily complexion. As usual, I should be more trusting when it comes to organic skincare. The relaxing smell of raw honey and fig blossom unfolded itself while massaging my face. It was a delight to use and to my surprise, there was no greasy finish. Again, it sunk right in and my usual red patchy winter skin didn’t make an appearance this season. Yay! Also, I am always up for a healthy dose of natural hyaluronic acid for that little extra boost.


The Cleanser

Purifying Cleansing Gel  This is a perfect morning cleanser and also works great with my Foreo Luna. I love the smell of natural mint in the morning, it’s like that extra wake-up call while washing my face. A little goes a long way with this one, which is why I still use it after four months and would also work for the warmer months of the year. It seems thorough enough when it comes to cleansing but is not removing make-up which is why I use different cleansers at night.


Summed up, the foundation for Getting ready for Spring-Skin clearly comes down to a thorough winter skincare regimen. I learned my lesson that even with skin on the oily side, a good cream and serum is necessary to brave the cold. My lighter moisturizers can stay put in the drawer for the warmer months to come.



What’s your take on glowy Spring skin?



–Disclaimer: I received the Team Dr. Joseph products to use and share my opinion with you. I only give you the details here from my point of view as usual.–