Finding the Perfect Gray Couch

Finding The Perfect Gray Couch | Spunkyrella.comI am in a love/hate relationship with my current living situation. Today, I am kind of over it. Yes, I can walk to work and have everything within walking distance. I won’t lie, that’s nice. The rent is cheap and I like the layout of the flat though it’s only 41 square meters. The flat is located on the ground floor of a 1950s building. It’s quite small, dark and heats up immensely during summer. Not to forget about the crazy upstairs neighbors who moved in after I did…


Part of me wants to redo the whole place in terms of painting the walls and getting new furniture and decorating it much differently. No surprise after almost 8 years living here. I am hesitant though, since there might be a chance I am finding my new apartment soon and I think I should rather focus on that right now.


Finding the perfect (gray) couch

My current couch is a hand-me-down that can’t be fixed anymore and I have a feeling it won’t make it too long anyways. I believe there are decor staples and furniture – like a bed or a nice couch – that can easily move with me into a new place. That’s why I am browsing the web for THE ultimate gray couch these days.


Finding the perfect gray couch | Finding the perfect gray couch | Spunkyrella.comFinding the perfect gray couch |

I love the minimal Scandinavian airy style, as you can see. I am only worried about the practicability. My new couch has to serve as possible guest bed when friends want to stay the night. Still, from my experience the bulkier versions usually don’t come in the kind of gray shade I am looking for. I am talking to you, IKEA! Whenever I feel like I found a worthy candidate in terms of size, style and light gray shade, it’s from overseas and shipping would be more than the couch itself. That’s crazy.


Finding the perfect gray couch | Spunkyrella.comFinding the perfect gray couch |

I can’t decide, guys. Should I get a more practical couch even though I don’t love it, or should I wait until I signed a new lease and go for a (pricier) simpler one. Possible overnight guests can sleep on a comfy extra air mattress anyways. Right?




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