A Sentence a Day – What is yours?

A Sentence A Day - What´s yours? |

A little over a year ago, I got myself this three-year-diary from kikki.K called A Sentence A Day journal. I also snagged a second one and hosted a giveaway here on the blog, if you remember.


I would find it hard to sum up my day in one sentence to be honest, so I was relieved when I realized that the journal greets me with a special question each day. It´s so much fun to answer a question about my currently favorite song or my spirit animal or guilty pleasure that day. The second year in, it´s a blast to read my answers from last year, like a little time-machine that brings me right back. I wonder how much my answers will change, once the three-year-diary is completed!


The only thing nosy me is constantly wondering about is, how someone else would answer a specific question? What would their sentence that day look like?


So, I thought, why not turn the tables for once and ask you lovelies the questions of the last few days. You in?


#1  Write down a lesson you learnt this week.

#2  The best part of waking up is…

#3  Who is the biggest influence in your life right now?

#4  My guilty pleasure is…

#5  What made you laugh today?


A Sentence A Day - What´s your´s? I


Now you! Spill the beans in the comments – I will too!