Five Things I Changed To Feel Better

5 Things I Changed To Feel Better |

One of my overall goals this year is to FEEL BETTER. I know that´s quite a vague statement to make, but for me it means to jump-start my health and well-being, find a better way to live with my Hashimoto´s diagnosis (so that I can be active whenever I want without pain), and getting rid of my excess weight.


1. WATER, WATER, WATER!  This is so cliché but over the last two weeks, I significantly increased my water intake. I guzzled down the liters like it is my job and it already seems like my energy levels rose, I am sleeping better and my headaches are gone for now. It´s such a no-brainer to drink more, I know, but usually I only have a few sips in the morning to take my thyroid meds and would then realize at lunch break again, that I totally forgot to drink! Now a pitcher of fresh water or hot lemon water when it´s cold out, is on my desk first thing in the morning. And when I am a really good girl, I get a second one after lunch break.


2. WALKING EVERYWHERE!  I mentioned before that I am living smack in the middle of the city and also walk to work. I try to get 10.000 steps or more under my belt every day, which means to also walk longer distances and not taking the bus or tram for one or two stops. I often even make a detour in the morning before I actually go to work and don´t feel like it´s any extra effort. Every movement counts!


3. KNOWING WHAT I REALLY EAT!  This is not about restriction or any fad diet but rather about keeping a food log and being honest to myself on what finds it´s way into my mouth, often mindlessly. I know, I know, I was convinced myself that I know what I did eat every day, but honestly it´s so easy to forget about that piece of cake or that chocolate bar I nibbled on while working through the afternoon slump. I am not going to cut out sweet treats entirely but I want to enjoy them more mindfully,


4. BEING OKAY WITH TAKING BABYSTEPS!  Living a healthier happier life and shedding 30+ kilos is not happening overnight. I am not the patient kind and tend to throw in the towel if something´s not working the way I want it to. Don´t you? This time though, I decided to do my best every day and take it one day at a time, one kilo at a time, if you will. Two weeks in, I still feel determined and passionate and not stressed. It feels manageable and I totally dig that! I am convinced that huge leaps start with baby steps.


5. HAVING FUN!  In the past I did it all at once: I started a fad diet and a stressful workout routine at the same day and just did that for a few weeks or months without a day off. While this can work if you want to shed a few pounds, it obviously can´t if you´re in there for the long run. I would always feel miserable and eventually ended up sick and frustrated. This time around I do whatever I feel like doing as long as it is something! That means some days it´s foam rolling or a few yoga poses and stretching, on other days it´s a short and sweet HIIT workout to get me all sweaty.


All in all, I believe I am on the right track. Feeling better and just overall good and content in your own body is not something that´s taken for granted for yours truly. I know I´ll achieve that one day and until then I might as well enjoy the ride :)


I also thought about writing more detailed about my thyroid condition and what this means for my everyday life. Would that be something you´d like to read?



What are the little things that help you to feel better every day?




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