10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Facts About Me |

Random facts post are floating around the web these days and I figured it´s been a while since The ABC´s Of Me. So why not sharing even more random quirks of me?



• I have oversized eyelids that give me puppy eyes and make using eyeshadow pointless. But my stellar eye sight – never needed glasses or lenses – kind of makes up for that :)


• I have two younger sisters – 17 and 27 years old – but I am only close to the youngest one, whom you know as little sis around here.


• I love mustard. Honey Dijon is my favorite and I am all giddy when someone treats me to a jar or gifts me an even fancier combo like fig raspberry mustard. Best gift ever!


• The two places that fulfill my soul and make me feel truly alive are Union Square in New York City and the Ghats in Varanasi, India.


• I like my apartment to smell of nothing but fresh air due to my oversensitive sense of smell. I enjoy lighting a candle sometimes but would only dab on a bit of perfume and would have the windows open at all times, if possible.


• Fresh linens and a properly made bed make me happy.


• I either read three books or more at the same time or none at all for a few weeks.


Lincoln Park After Dark is my all-time favorite nail color (it´s a very dark plum hue by OPI) but I am too impatient to paint my nails and let them dry properly, which ends in a mess and me convinced once again, that nice nails are not in the cards for me. I don´t mind the natural look though.


• I have naturally curly wavy hair and always wanted straight hair growing up. During the last few years it seems like it´s getting less curly which makes me miss it, of course.


• I have no problem to be around spiders or snakes – in Austria they are harmless – but put a toad in front of me and I freak out/melt down and we will never be friends again. I also might sue you. Yes, totally would! I am getting chills just typing this. Ew.



Now you! Please share a few random facts about yourself below! Happy Thanksgiving!