The Spunkyrella Redesign and Welcome back!

Spunkyrella Branding

It all started with a few wonky bits in my old blog design that drove me nuts and the fact that I was looking for the ultimate logo and branding work for this very blog. I felt uninspired and in a blogging rut. So I got my elbow grease on and worked through the archives, getting rid of tons of clutter while working closely with designer and developer Meg White.


While finding the perfect designers to work somehow easily fell into place, life happened and I never would have thought that this whole process would take six months altogether until I am back in blogging mode.


But the day has finally come and I am beyond stoked at this new facelift! The cleaner and easier to navigate layout is up and of course the logo of all logos. Yup, I am in love!


This calls for a huge shout-out to my friend Noor, who helped me raiding through my scattered thoughts and find a clearer perspective and as the Superwoman that she is, she showed me the right direction to go – to awesome blogger and hand-letterer extraordinaire Corina Nika from Cocorrina. I never looked back! Thanks, doll!


I will share more of the design process later, if you like, for now let´s focus on what´s new over here


THE LOGO  After chatting with Corina and filling out her branding questionnaire, I was on pins and needles to finally see what she would come up with and boy, did she deliver! I remember her vision and the mood board (above) she came up with and I just knew this is exactly it. To this day, I have the printed mood board pinned to my office wall. As you can see we went with a leather texture which I was thinking about for quite a while – there´s something about black on white leather that gives me the good kind of chills :)


THE LAYOUT  While it´s still a two column layout, Meg and I changed the widths and made sure the sidebar is organized and clean. I stuck to my color palette of black, white, gray and pink but changed the former berry hue to a more watermelon-y shade, which I adore.


THE CATEGORIES  Changing the logo and layout and overall design didn´t quite cut it for me. I dug deep to find out what – to me – spunkyrella means and where I want it to head to. I knew right then and there that main categories are needed and came up with



LIVING  where we will talk about life, work, wellness, traveling and how to have a cozy home.


LOVING which is the place to talk about online finds, beauty, my favorite looks and books and of course where you will find the Sunday Mixtapes and Monday Madness link lists.


MAKING  is quite literally about stuff I make/create. Easy recipes, The Quick Fix series, maybe a DIY thrown in from time to time and also the place I want to share my fitness goals and workout sessions with you – to either motivate you or even have you joining me!


TALKING  was such an obvious category to have on here. I love to have a good chat with you guys, revive the Puppy Friday posts as well as the Behind the Print series, share more personal thoughts with you and introduce The Monthly Note, a monthly post of dreams and plans and my shenanigans (some things will never change).



• THE BLOG FOOTER  It might sound a bit weird to point that one out but I am honestly so thrilled with it. Aside from the quite usual links and feeds, Meg designed a little world map and marked the spots from all the lovely designers who made this current design happen. A true labor of love!



I think, I still may change a few bits here and there but overall I am very happy with the outcome and thrilled to be back blogging. I hope you like the new direction and cleaner look as much as I do! Feel free to look around and let me know if anything isn´t working or wonky in any way – things like that happen even though I checked all the links more often than I care to admit!