Right Now: A Clean Slate


Every time I come up with a RIGHT NOW post, it feels like I was sick right before, unplugged from the blogosphere and in need to update you and me as well. Actually, it doesn´t only feel like it, sadly that´s the case. The horrible flu struck me down once again. I didn´t really saw it coming and the next minute I was laying flat with a high fever and chills and all of those lovely side effects.


The doc even said if I don´t take this seriously, there´s a hospital stay in my future, so I surrendered and just got all the sleep, took my vitamins and loaded up on fluids. Today I am better, not back to normal but I can feel improvement and just take it day by day, following my own advice on HOW TO KICK A VIRUS TO THE CURB :) So, what else?


On taking better care of myself

For weeks or even months, I was telling myself that once the stressful times at work are over, I will take better care of myself – or take care of myself. Period. The thing is, I am at my best under pressure. I work hard, I get sh*t done, if you know what I mean. But I never really get to rest. I am always on, I miss sleep and forget to drink at work, accept irregular eating habits and eat all the junk. I know it´s wrong, but I always tell myself that I will take a turn for the better, if only I´d push through another week (and then some).


So, I ended up sick again which is no surprise. Besides the fact that no one likes to be sick, I hate the fact that I  don´t have any control over it, that I have to surrender and let go in order to get better. My body knew better. There was no more pushing through, no more excuses. It was enough.


And while I was resting and sleeping and laying around for over a week now, I realized that I was actually given the clean slate I was asking for! The flu forced me to detox. I was having only soup and very light meals to not irritate my belly, gallons of water and herbal tea, I caught up on all the sleep I was missing and was forced to let go and relax. Amazing how it works sometimes, doesn´t it?!


On fueling my body

Surprisingly I am craving only healthy food choices these days. It´s funny, because our bodies really tell us what they need, if we would only care to listen more. I haven´t had any chocolate, added sugar or coffee for the last three plus weeks due to the flu and I don´t even miss it right now!


On being a better friend

I sucked at being a friend for the last year or so. I forgot birthdays, cancelled on brunch dates last minute and didn´t bother to call back or reply to a message. As cheesy as it may sound: It´s not you, it´s me.


Ever since I was diagnosed with a sick thyroid, I also used it as an excuse. I didn´t lie on purpose but I realized that I used this chronic condition to define my life. Whenever I was in a bad mood, it was due to my wonky thyroid. A puffy face and bloating – it´s the thyroid, people! Why don´t you understand? Duh. I started to alienate people and friends and whenever I was in the mood to chat it was only about how my life sucks and how bad everything is – and frankly who wants to constantly hear that?! I do not and I realized that yes, life does through some mean curveballs at you and me sometimes and it´s okay to vent now and then, but there is also a lot of good stuff to focus on and be grateful for.


Friends are chosen family and I´ll do my best to not suck anymore (or all the time)!


On rocking 2015

I refuse to believe that it´s too late to do so, even though my January turned out to be less then ideal. Also my PLANNER has still not arrived, so basically 2015 hasn´t even started yet, right?! I will talk about my plans, adventures and blog ideas for this year over the next week. Exciting things will happen, oh my :)


On the beginning of Award Red Carpet Season

Let´s talk about the really important stuff, guys. What about all those amazing and hideous dresses this year? I was only able to follow along on my iPhone but as it turns out I didn´t hallucinate during a fever break. My faves thus far: Golden Globes Katie Holmes from head to toe and Jennifer Lopez´ dress (not the over-contoured face and the big hair that looked like lion cubs licked it to perfection). Salma Hayek´s after show look is definitely worth a mention while her red carped dress looked too prom-like to me. Also SAG´s Rosmund Pike and Emmy Rossum nailed it. Can´t wait for the Oscar´s!


On music and tv shows

Over the holidays I finally got to binge-watch Breaking Bad. Through all the buzz, I was somehow able to avoid any spoilers but really wanted to know what´s all the rave about. It did not disappoint. I was sobbing at the end and I do get it now b*tches, I do get it now. Best. Show. Ever. ´Nuff said.


Right now I am in the midst of House of Cards season 2. Very dark and intense and yes, I am now officially afraid of Kevin Spacey. That look gives me goosebumps and not the good kind.


I didn´t listen to a lot of music but caught up yesterday for an all new SUNDAY MIXTAPE this week and realized that there are a lot of British musicians I do fancy right now. Stay tuned!



What have you been up to?




(Image via Beeslikehoney)