Monday Madness

Lately I feel insanely happy and content just moments after waking up early morning – even on a Monday – and that says something. After a hard year personally and healthwise, I just finally feel the rollercoaster going up again and it might stay there for a while :)

This weekend was filled with laughter (like, laughing til I cried of laughing), great food and something that could develop into a so-called sleeping routine and even nicer early mornings. Not bad, huh? What about you?

Think about your best moments this weekend while you´re browsing my favorite links! Happy Monday!

• This Hallstatt post is supposed to make you come to Austria :)

Interior Photography as it´s best. Swoon.

Beyoncé Taught Me. Loving these graphic tees.

10 New Yorker Food Stories to read now!

• Remember my I Quit Sugar Challenge? This Life without Sugar post hit home in a good way.

• This technique will make your lipstick last forever. Thumbs up!

Hello Sunshine – free printable wallpaper. ´Nuff said.

I´m Not the Only One. Watch Chris Messina break Dianna Agron´s Heart – all in the name of music.

• And a yum Cheesy Grilled Pesto Chicken and Sundried Tomato Sandwich. Yes!

>> Time and silence are the most luxurious things today. <<
– Tom Ford

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