A Walk Through Vienna

Yesterday it was warm but not humid and there was no rain, finally. So I felt confident enough to take my new camera out. I wandered around the Inner City – outside of the National Library, Heldenplatz and Burggarten – and slowly put my new DSLR knowledge into practice.

Around professional cameras I was always acting like other people do around newborns – terrified they will slip and crash to the floor! Even the thought makes me cringe, oh my.

Lately though, I got frustrated when it comes to photos and blogging. I always link the photos I use properly, but finding the right ones that go with my blog posts turned out to be quite a hassle. So why not take the plunge and get myself into photography?!
At the same time my friend Sara got herself a new camera and after lots and lots of emails and research online, I finally caved and invested in a Canon EOS 700D also known as Canon EOS Rebel T5i I believe (what´s with all the different names, Canon?).

I am not gonna lie, I am quite pleased with the results from yesterdays photo walk and can´t wait to fully immerse myself into photography. Frankly, it gives me such pleasure!

I would love to take photos of people too, any volunteers?

If you have any tips and tricks for a DSLR beginner, keep them coming! Meanwhile I am working on a post to help out total newbies when it comes to pick the right camera and lenses and the whole enchilada :) Thank you.

(Proud to say: Photos courtesy of Spunkyrella :)