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7 Tips On How To Travel Alone

7 Tips On How To Travel Alone | Spunkyrella

When I turned 18, I didn´t care about a lot of things that came with adulthood, but I was psyched that I was finally officially allowed to travel alone. I traveled to France for two weeks during summer, along the Côte d´Azur to work on my language skills before graduation.
While my French still sucks, I truly enjoyed that time out and about by myself and also made fellow cosmopolitan friends there, who are still close to me several years later.


I traveled alone to New York which was only the beginning of a serious love story, grabbed my backpack and joined an Australian intrepid group touring India and visited a few cities in Europe on weekends. And I can´t wait to hit the road again. Until then I plan a few city breaks with lil sis to get those rusty travel bones moving and to guide her, if you will.


My sister turned 16 this year and it makes me happy to witness her travel lust and future plans to see the world, and also a little proud that I instilled that desire in her. As her big sister it also makes me anxious of course, so prepping is key and I am happy to share what my travels taught me thus far – with her and with you…


RESEARCH THE REAL STUFF  When I decided to travel to India, I had about three months to prep for the trip by getting the necessary shots and basically read everything I could to avoid a huge culture shock, once I´d arrive in Delhi. Travel guides are a great source of necessary information but I also prefer to read travel novels such as the German Kulturschock series, written by people who actually traveled to the specific country and therefore have loads of insights. Reading romantic novels and planning ahead when it comes to sightseeing is nice, but when you travel to a country with totally different customs and beliefs compared to where you grew up, educate yourself! Which brings me to the next subject…


LEARN ABOUT CULTURE AND MANNERS  It´s totally fine to wear sleeveless tops during summer in Italy as it´s totally normal for guys to leave the shirt altogether. Doing so in Arabic countries and parts of Asia will count as sexual harassment and it doesn´t matter if you´re a tourist and didn´t know about it – you will get in trouble! Educate yourself about the locals in the country you´re going to visit, the religion and manners. Which gesture is seen as polite and which isn´t. Especially if you´re a young woman, it´s crucial to know that stuff! In Dubai, you can´t leave the hotel after 9 pm without male company, for instance. Who would´ve thought?!


TEACH YOURSELF THE LANGUAGE BASICS  Meraa naam Martina hai. That means “My name is Martina” in Hindi. Learn the basic words and phrases like Good morning, Good evening, yes, no, thank you, please… it will earn you respect from the locals and sometimes even spark a conversation or they´ll teach you a few more words. Don´t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, you probably will, but it will only make you more confident in the long run.


7 Tips On How To Travel Alone |

BE SAFE BUT DON´T GO CRAZY  While traveling India I met this British girl with a backpack three-times her own size, she even packed a travel iron. For India. During summer time. I´ll leave it at that. It´s great to be prepared when it comes to medication from home, international calling cards, local money and stuff like that but don´t go crazy and be honest with yourself. Do you really need that curling iron on a hiking trip?!


CONFIDENCE IS KEY  You did your research, you memorized basic phrases and you read a couple of books and kept up with the political news online. Good job! You already know what to expect before your departure and know how to get around once you´re there. Having that kind of information gives you confidence and that will make you less of a target because it will show and no one will bother you.


TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS  Know your limits and trust your gut, even if others cannot understand or your reaction might seem irrational – never do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe! Personally, I only regret decisions I made when I didn´t trust my gut. So there´s that!

On a different note, I once had the feeling that someone is following me when I was out and about in Nice, in a not so nice neighborhood. Chances are that guy was heading home as well but my gut told me to head to a nearby 24h fast food joint and wait it out. Another time I walked towards a group of tourists and acted like I belong to them!


HAVE FUN, DUH  All that prepping and safety tips shouldn´t keep you from having fun and enjoying the ride of course. Never plan every minute of your trip, be spontaneous and be open for life´s pleasant surprises. From my experience, I can only assure you that my trips turned out better than anticipated and also totally different in a good way!


If you´re still sceptic about my approach, read Fly Solo – The 50 Best Places on Earth for a girl to travel alone by Teresa Rodriguez Williamson, and tell me you still won´t give it a try :)



These are my tips for traveling alone. What are yours?




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