The Spunkyrella Ohhhmelette!

My friend Sara and I met through blogging a while ago and to get to know each other better we started to ask each other random questions over email every other week. One of them was something like: Imagine you´re a contributor of a Blogger´s Cookbook. What would be your signature dish?

I knew right away that I have to go with my infamous love for eggs and therefore my signature Ohhhmelette. It´s the perfect combination of protein and veggies, of healthy and savory. You can have it for breakfast, weekend brunch, a late lunch on busy days or even for dinner. It´s easy peasy to make, I don´t even whip it up in a separate bowl. I just toss two eggs, tomatoes, baby spinach and sometimes a bit of turkey in a small frying pan and spice it up with garlic powder, sea salt and a good dose of dried chili flakes. And because I like it to be a little bit crispy on the edges, I just leave it a little bit longer in the pan. Maybe a minute or two. Done!

Would you try it?

Oh, and Sara picked broccoli cheddar soup to be her signature dish.

What would you contribute to the Blogger´s Cookbook? Please tell.