The most romantic place in Europe

The locals call it Tunnel of Love and according to Travelbook it´s one of those secret travel tips for couples. Where do you think it is located? Hint: It´s neither in France or Italy. Any guesses?

It´s the Ukraine!

That´s right. The country you won´t connect to peaceful travels and romance these days actually harbors this piece of nature around 350km West from the capitol of Kiev.

What looks like a perfectly created tunnel, happened more or less accidentally. Due to much needed rails for a factory close to the city of Klewan, authorities built the railway through the forest but as you can see nature had its own plan and found a way to grow around it.

Today it´s popular for couples and photographers alike and some even say, singles who walk along the tunnel won´t be single for long  :)

(via Travelbook)