Sunday Morning in Vienna

Last summer I decided one morning to take a little walk through the inner city of Vienna. Since I am living in the heart of the city, very close to all the sights, I brought my camera along.

I decided to walk to The Museum of Natural History since it was the last day to get to see the Bodyworlds exhibit. The last time Vienna hosted was around 12 years ago, so I wanted to make sure to catch it this time.

There´s no way to take photos of the exhibit itself but I thought I´d share the phenomenal architecture with you. I am always stunned when people point out to me how lovely our sights and buildings are, which is true, but when you live here it´s easy to forget about that. Taking these photos was a nice reminder though.

The Museum of Art History is just across the little park and equally stunning, if you ask me. It was a gorgeously sunny day in late August and I remember it to be extremely humid. But there are only a few things a giant iced latte can´t get you through, right?!

Overlooking part of the city as well as the famous Ringstrasse in Vienna. I love the colorful trees in the picture below.   I heart Vienna. 

  Have you ever been here?