Dream Home Coffee Bar

Dream Home Coffee Bar |

Lately, I find myself dreaming about a little coffee nook. You know that kind of in-home coffee bar to dedicate your gazillion different mugs to and maybe play up your wall with some nice art to go with it. Something like that would be great to call my own. A Dream Home Coffee Bar, no barista needed!


In my current tiny space that can only be a dream for now, but a girl can dream. I am not planning on growing old in this place anyways. So, chances are I might get my coffee station after all. Oh, one sweet day!


Which style would you go for?

Browsing the internet showed me a few different styles and honestly each and every one is dreamy. Here are my favorites.


Dream Home Coffee Bar |

Dream Home Coffee Bar |

Would you go for a modern all white and clean look or do you prefer the more rustic vibe? There are so many styles to choose from! Don’t you think?


Coffee or Tea?

I also like the versatility of a dream home coffee bar because if you happen to not like coffee (Gasp! who are you people?), you could have any other form of beverage station. For tea lovers, hot chocolate maniacs and what about a flavored water bar for Summer?


Dream Home Coffee Bar |


Which one is your favorite?



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