Monday Madness

Live first blog later wasn´t my worst idea as it turns out. Four days, two books and minus three pounds later I feel energized and pumped. Also it´s only one week at work until my short but sweet vacation filled with bike rides, brunches and my birthday of course.

Ah, happy times ahead, can you tell :)

What else? I just finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook and I really loved it. Now I can´t wait to finally watch the movie – late as usual. I cooked another batch of ratatouille today which works great with pasta or potatoes and also with chicken or a simple poached egg. I am going to share this recipe soon thanks to the boy who came up with the idea to blog about it – smart cookie :)

I´m excited to bring back the Whoaaa of the week as well as the Finding my mojo series this week and keep you posted about, well, everything.
If you don´t want to miss my latest shenanigans follow me on Instagram and Twitter @spunkyrella and since I´m a GoodReads newbie, the bookish ones, might recommend a few reads. Still indecisive in what to read next, hm… Happy Monday!

Now, links:

Bring your plants on an adventure. Ha!

• Look at those Pencil Tip Carvings! Wow.

Perfect Summer Outfit. I could spend all summer in that skirt, sadly it´s out of stock. Sigh.

Cheers dedicated to easy-made -not booze only- drinks. Try this!

Melissa McCarthy. ´Nuff said!

The Everything Salad. Yum times two.

• Hello, Loft Library!!!

Coconut Whipped Cream. Tried it, loved it!

• This DIY Kindle Cover looks chic, but I still love mine so much.

• And THIS never fails to crack me up. Oh so true :)

>> Remember how far you´ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be <<
-Rick Warren

(Photo by Julia Stotz via Design Love Fest)

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