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Live first

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My mind is spinning around blogging. What to blog, what not to blog, new blog ideas, link-up´s, guest posts and writing prompts every day. Sometimes all day. And yes, there are days where I can´t fall asleep because of it or waking up knowing there´s nothing scheduled for the day or worse my mind went blank when it came to choose a topic the other night.
Reading my blog won´t make you think I´m borderline OCD when it comes to blogging because I am mostly absent around here these days but that´s a part of me as well. If I don´t come up with something worth blogging about, I just don´t. I did learn my lesson.
Still I am trying to find my voice and my rhythm as a blogger which will come naturally.
Then I came around this post from Ilene known as the blogger behind much love illy. Her simple advice to live first and blog later might come as a no brainer at first, but then again when I think about it to live and to be present in the moment is something I totally forget about way to often. Don´t you?
I´m a multitasker extraordinaire. I probably get more chores done in one day than the next girl but I rarely take me-time. I takes me forever to finish a book or to enjoy the simple things in life like the fact that spring is finally here and the sun feels nice, the return of iced coffee, flowy skirts and colors, to unpack my lovely sunglasses from their winter sleep… I am just too exhausted from all the musts in my life.
When you spend most of the day at work, working a real job, dealing with real people outside of the blogging bubble and being indecisive afterwards when it comes to basic things like cooking for the day or running errands – what is there left to blog about? An occasional rant might be fun but I want to inspire people and get inspired and not read/write about bad days and stressful times all the time.
Today is a holiday in Austria so I jumped on the chance and took tomorrow off. Four days off feels like a mini vacation, especially when you have no plans at all and just focused on doing what makes you feel happy.
Even though it´s nice out, I am all giddy to stay in my favorite summer pj´s all day, not doing a single thing I am supposed to do and instead going crazy with my favorite magazines, finish reading The Silver Linings Playbook and have ice cream and just relax and be ready for the next days adventures.

I am busy living first and blogging later :)

Make sure to check back tomorrow: I picked a fantastic guest host, you´ll love!
Have a lovely time yourself. See you on Monday :)