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Oh, what a beautiful Sunday morning it is in Vienna. But before I am getting ready to enjoy the sun outside, I have a link-up to host.

The actual topic – I Love New York City – was a no-brainer for me and long-time readers of Spunkyrella already know my love for this glorious place.

Even before I lived in Brooklyn for almost a year, I devoured books and stories taking place in NYC. I immediately felt a special connection to the characters of a novel when they wandered around the city, had dinner at a special seafood joint in Soho or enjoyed a sunny day in Prospect Park. To me there´s nothing like it!
Maybe you love to read books about Paris or by French authors or you get all giddy when a story takes place in San Francisco, because you´re a California girl by heart. I am sure if you think about your favorite books, you will realize that you already travelled the world, page by page :)

There are many different ways to contribute to this topic and I decided on New York City Manuals masked as novels. My first NY-centered reads and actually the reason behind my obsession.

Just picked my two favorites which happen to be German copies as well as a lovely collection of poems.

• Natalie John spent a year in Manhattan and wrote The New York Manual (translated) for us to read. She describes first-time problems a visitor might have. I especially loved the chapter revolving around the street-avenue-number system. Here, every street has a name and it´s not easy to navigate at all.
Even though I was standing in Midtown one day and felt totally lost, it made sense quickly. I think every bigger city should be mapped out like that, so you´ll instantly know if you´re going uptown or downtown – simplifying as its best!

The book was published in 2000 and of course it´s a different kind of New York than today or a couple of years ago since I spent some time there….

• Anna Radulescu´s Two Suitcases in NY (translated) was the very first New York-based book I´ve read. I found it online and wanted to read it so badly but couldn´t find a retailer until I found a used copy on Amazon and got it right away. It was published in the late 90´s and is actually a collection of 55 short stories from the Big Apple. My favorite is called Sleepless in New York when Anna realizes that she likes to live here but that it´s also exhausting when you need to entertain friends who are visiting and actually want to experience the city that never sleeps; it makes her nervous to know that she misses out on two art shows while attending a one-night-only black and white movie screening because there´s just soo much – too much – to do. It´s funny to read, so if you happen to come around a used copy – grab it!

• “Everyman, I will go with thee and be thy guide, in thy most need to go by thy side” is what you´ll find in bold letters when you open Poems of New York. I bought this book what feels like decades ago at the Barnes & Nobles on Union Square. This was always my favorite area for no particular reason. I remember that day in June. I had to make a difficult decision and wasn´t quite ready to.

It was warm but not too humid and the sun felt nice. I grabbed a coffee and found a place in the grass to read into this little gem. On page 40 I came across Sara Teasdale and on that day in that book within her lines I found the answer…

Union Square by Sara Teasdale

With the man I love who loves me not,
I walked in the street-lamps´ flare;
We watched the world go home that night
In a flood through Union Square

I leaned to catch the words he said
That were light as a snowflake falling;
Ah well that he never leaned to hear
The words my heart was calling.

And on we walked and on we walked
Past the fiery lights of the picture shows – 
Where the girls with thirsty eyes go by
On the errand each man knows.

And on we walked and on we walked,
At the door at last we said good-bye;
I knew by his smile he had not heard
My heart´s unuttered cry.

With the man I love who loves me not
I walked in the street-lamps´ flare –
But oh, the girls who can ask for love
In the lights of Union Square.

• • •

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