Preview to Summer Link-Up • Books every woman should read

fRelLV1 Preview to Summer Link Up • Books every woman should read

It´s time for the second link-up today hosted by Miss Spillerena herself – Serena. Her topic of choice is 5 Books Every Young Woman Should Read. I changed that a bit for my post because I simply couldn´t come up with five books. I guess every person likes different books for very different reasons but of course there were a few which popped up quickly when I gave it a thought….

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Fly Solo by Teresa Rodriguez Williamson covers the 50 best places on earth for a girl to travel alone. I actually got this one a couple of years ago and a second copy for my friend Christine. We wanted to travel the world together at that time. We never made it to travel for a couple of months straight but both of us traveled a lot by ourselves.
The reason I find the subject of traveling by yourself as a young woman so important is that I do believe there is a certain kind of freedom and independence attached to it. Booking a backpack tour to India for 3 weeks scared the shit out of me to be perfectly honest but at the same time it empowered me. I learned so much and I´ve grown so much as an individual, met new people, let a totally different culture teach me about life and what a blessing it is to be a (western) woman in this world.
I don´t want to go all Eat Pray Love on you but believe me there is something indescribable about traveling alone and to learn how to be alone early on in life. Reading it will make you all wanderlusty too :)
He´s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo is a book that stems from one of the most famous quotes in tv history. When Sex and the City Carrie´s date Burger tried to help Miranda questioning the behaviour of a guy she´s been seeing, he left her speechless by telling her exactly this.  Don´t take this totally serious when it comes to must-reads, see it as a funny wink :)
As an European girl I was totally baffled by the dating scene when I arrived in New York City. I met this guy there through friends of mine, we clicked right away even though a friend warned me from him being a ladies man. That should´ve been a red flag I know but do you listen when you´re young and rebellious and smitten with a handsome dude?! You know you don´t! 
I believe I am a smart girl but within a couple of weeks I was in trouble. The way he talked to me and treated me where two different things. I am a very upfront person but with him I felt like playing games and I didn´t like that.
This book came in quite handy. I am not sharing which chapters sealed the deal for me but just let me tell you when he was so sorry again, I just handed my copy to him and left. Forever. 
I know he later told friends that he thought I wasn´t into him…… wow :)
The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm is my last one in the bunch. Fromm is a German psychologist and covers not only the art of romantic love but also the love from parents to kids and vice versa as well as art of self love which came as a surprise to me. I certainly didn´t think of the importance of loving yourself first and foremost.
This book teaches you how love can release your hidden potential and how you can heal when life gets rough. Actually I do think that EVERY person needs to read this gem!
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Thanks for hosting this week´s link-up, Serena!
P.S. I just joined GoodReads, if you want to check out what I am reading or my ever-growing to-read list join me here.

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