Life lately

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I AM BACK and it´s still March which means I didn´t lie about my comeback :) The last two months have been quite hard for me personally but I am more than happy to be back to blogging.

Let´s have a little run through the happenings lately and if you don´t already, make sure to follow me and my shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter! That way you´ll always be the first to know and don´t have to wait for a summary post like this :)

Finally a clear blue sky on a coffee run, even though just for a day.

• There is a Vienna series coming your way. I do live in this glorious city but so far I didn´t share much about it. That´s about to change!

Morning. Me. Coffee. Period.

I´m tired of winter. I want to fast-forward to bitching about how hot it is! #quoteofthemoment

More snow. Even though winter should be gone by now. Separation anxiety this must be!

• Monday off. Treated myself to delish breakfast at Joma and my monthly Glamour read.

Clean eating by adding and substracting foods is what I am doing right now. Not only for my overall well-being, there´s also a wedding to attend in June.

• What to wear? Wrap dress inspiration worn by the lovely Fluvia Lacerda via PlusModelMag.

Fit-spiration. All I ever wanted was to look and feel like a knock-out in a simple white tee and jeans combo. That´s what I am working on right now!

• You know my love for coral pink but lately I find myself swooning over bright blue. So fresh.

• My BloggerBookSwap experience was disappointing until Kim offered to swap with me. Not only did she get me Gone Girl, she also had a goodie up her sleeve for the city girl-printed tee-pink-loving nerdy side of me. Triple score!

I am thrilled to be co-hosting the next BloggerBookSwap with her and three other lovely ladies!

This is how we roll: Chilling with coffee (what else?!), my favorite mags and my MacBook // cruel Jenga sessions with the guy and little sis // The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden was addictive to read, can´t wait for the sequel this summer // Got these for the next generation of Shoegals, my brandnew niece Baby P arrived on March 11 :)

• Chances are I am snagging some heart-shaped glasses this summer. Obsessed!

Let´s talk hair. Anna-Maria, a Germany´s Next Topmodel contestant, had such a rad makeover. Thinking about going short(er) or at least a whole lot different than the kind of style I am having right now (see my Pinterest board here). What do you think?

• My coworkers´ new puppy. A French Bulldog of course. It´s love!

• Hopefully I´ll spend less hours at work and more with you guys.

April will be fun! Happy Easter!