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Puppy Friday: Special guests, a cool host and a sweet tune



On a happier note I welcome you to another round of Puppy Friday. A few of you might already know my special furry guests above. Yes, it´s Gracie and Cooper from Story of my Life and thanks to the lovely Miss Jenni I am happy to have them over for today (oh, those faces melt my heart!).

I hope you all had a fab week and are ready for your weekend adventures. Any plans?

Me and my guy are getting ready for a long awaited bike ride tomorrow and I plan to go clean dietwise (there were too many muffins calling my name this week :) I let you know how this worked out.

I am a happy trooper and feel finally cooled-down a bit after those insanely hot weeks. The weather in Vienna is mild but still lovely right now.
It was nice to brave the heat inside (watching Sex and the City re-runs and having delish watermelon salad and ice cream) but I can´t wait to get down and dirty with my mountain bike and enjoy some time outdoors without getting all dizzy from the heat and humidity.

So let´s start this fabulous weekend right away, shall we?!

This weeks tune makes me a little homesick for New York City (insert deep-drawn sigh here) but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Oh, I love it….

And if you are a dog-parent yourself I´d be more than happy to feature your baby in an upcoming Puppy Friday!

Have a relaxing but adventurous weekend!