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Puppy Friday: Foxy Salvador, goals and NYC memories


Happy Friday friends!

Today I am happy to introduce you to Salvador, the lovely pom of Brooklyn from Veggie Table. His adventures make me smile and as a true vegetarian himself, he´s crazy bout carrots as a treat just like his mama. Check out his personal diary here!

Of course he wanted to introduce himself, this is what he has to say:

Hi Spunkyrella readers!

I’m Salvador Doggie and it’s such an honor to be on Martie’s blog today!  Seriously, my fuzzy tail will not stop wagging!  Anyway, thought I would share a few things about myself with you all so here goes!

* my parents tell me that I’m named after some famous artist or     something
* my favorite treat of all time is a carrot….guess I take after my vegetarian mama
*  both my parents work so I sleep all day and party all night, woofie woof!
*  I can give a high-five, sit, lay down, and shake….yeah, I’m a pretty big deal.

Thanks everyone for reading about my favorite subject…ME!  Have a furtastic weekend!

Love and licks,

Haha, isn´t he the best?!

That said, I am looking forward to weekend bliss and happenings such as my long awaited hair appointment, meeting my little sister for a Saturday shopping spree and FINALLY getting some Bruce!

Something funny happened this morning. While brushing my teeth I realized that actually the greater part of 2012 already had happened, which means that this year only consists of 5 more months.

What happened to those cheery first posts back in January? What happened to my plans and goals? I feel so far away from them it´s crazy. But as I told you already there is something going on in my world right now and I can´t wait to tell you all about it. Those last few weeks were a learning experience, I guess.

Can´t wait to start this over again and who says plans and goals are only valid when you start in January?

Here´s to lifechanging events and weekends full of joy and one of my favorite songs ever. 

The incredibly talented Mr. Citizen Cope (this song is the essence of my time in New York for me. Ah, memories…).

Don´t forget to have fun!