Food: The Good Girls Drug

I just stumbled upon this website called Healthygirl.org, created by the wonderful Sunny Sea Gold. A few years ago she was blogging about her weight loss and total transformation at Glamour.com. She wrote a book called food: the good girls drug which is dealing with binge eating, eating secretly, well, emotional eating overall.

Sunny wants the book to be a guide to ending compulsive emotional overeating and establishing a healthy relationship with food and while browsing through the websites´ comments I was really stunned how diverse this issue is and how many women from different backgrounds and life situations actually do have this problem!

Sunny Sea Gold
I was in this self-sabotage spiral for years and I am still not save because I tend to emotional overeating and my first aid for any bad day experience was food. Always. 
Now it is my workout (seriously!), a good read or my blog… but from time to time I feel like I just caught myself falling back into the old way of thinking and feeling….
Maybe there are Spunkyrella* followers who can relate to this post or who know someone who does?

Please share.

(Image via Healthygirl.org)