My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist | Spunkyrella.com

It’s my birthday week! All you #Maybabies outthere sure know how I feel right now, don’t you?! I must admit I am not thrilled that my birthday falls on a bank holiday this year. With everything closed, the city in a deep nap, is not how I prefer spending my day out and about. Luckily there’s always brunch on the horizon and quality time to spend with quality people.


Since I did check off a few items on the home wishlist recently, I decided to share my personal wishes for my special day. I like to believe that I am not very hard to find gifts for but I was told otherwise. A few of those gems are gifts from me to myself (aren’t they the best?!) and are currently on their way… So despite having brunch, enjoying the sun on the patio and having great coffee with my girls, here’s what else would make me very very happy. Just so you know…


1  The Bartaile Bag

I wanted to invest in a timeless black all-in-one bag in forever. As soon as I came across Bartaile’s Kickstarter campaign, I knew that I have to become a supporter and can’t wait to call the C12 Nylux my own! There are 4 different ways to wear it day and night and its concept is so well thought through, I can’t wait for August to arrive, to finally hold it in my hands!


2  Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Can’t stop, won’t stop raving about this book! And ever since I handed over my copy to my friend’s excited little girl, I wanted a new one for myself. So, take two, I guess! Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls needs to be a staple in every home. Mark my words!


3  Elizabeth + James Nirvana Bourbon

I already told you that I want to live in this scent. It’s woodsy and fierce and I feel like myself when wearing it. Thanks to Nina, another bottle will soon be on its way and I cannot wait to wear Nirvana Bourbon all day every day again.


4  Ilia Arabian Knights

Sometimes a (new) beauty brand crosses your way and you’re intrigued. That’s what happened when I came across Ilia lipsticks. Velvety, creamy and the prettiest colors to boot. Arabian Knights is the one shade I can’t get my hands on over here for whatever reason, but I think it would be such a lovely color to wear. Don’t you?!


5  Black Labradorit Bracelet

A statement bracelet, that’s still timeless but a conversation starter nonetheless – that’s what this gem is to me. If you’re looking for affordable outstanding pieces, Lisbon based Boutique Minimaliste is my go-to shop for unique gifts and little treats from me to myself.


6  Flannel Shirt Soy Candle

Since moving to the new place, I was thinking about the perfect home scent. Penelope Co.’s candles have been on my wishlist for quite some time and the fact that they now sell home diffusers too, is a match made in heaven. I like earthy scents with a twist and Flannel Shirt is totally up my alley. The cute packaging and simple labels are a plus too. Can’t wait for it to arrive!


7  Tata Harper’s Restorative Eye Cream

Oh, Tata! A few years back I started double cleansing thanks to Tata Harper products and it changed my skin tremendously. I tried and tested many brands and products but I always seem to come back to their products. The Restorative Eye Cream comes with a hefty price tag but it’s the only one that ever worked the way I wanted it to. Since I am turning 35, I think investing in great skincare has to be mandatory. Also, it’s all organic cruelty-free and smells absolutely amazing!


8  Buffalo Print

My favorite room in the new place right now is my small hallway. It took nearly a year for the renovations to be over and since last month, it finally happened. I got to hang my prints and photos and the gallery wall I dreamed of is slowly but surely coming together. This buffalo print would make an amazing addition and had to join my wishlist.


9  Indoor Palmtree

The patio is already equipped with fresh herbs for the season and I already got to nosh on my very own strawberries. A huge palmtree or some kind of indoor tree for the living room would be lovely. I was pretty much set on a Monstera, but I am not sure if it’s the right fit for the very sunny living room. We’ll see what I end up with soon.


10  Brunch Queen T-Shirt

Stevie and I are the #BrunchQueensVienna for a good reason. These t-shirts are exactly what we needed this season, even though we plan on having many more brunches on my patio for a change. That tee definitely comes in handy either way ♥



Let the birthday week start!




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Currently in May

Currently: Feel See Hear Read Smell in May | SpunkyrellaCurrently: Feel See Hear Read Smell in May | Spunkyrella

This week was spent with easing back into work and countless hours on the patio in the evenings. If you follow me on Instagram, you could clearly see that I am all about plants right now, which is so very unlike me. I never had a green thumb to begin with, but with this place and the gracious patio/terrace situation, I like to believe that I am slowly but surely growing some gardening skills. Only time will tell, I guess. So, what else is going on this month:



A huge THANK YOU to those who took the time to email me after April’s Currently post. Life can be messy and uncertain and simply hard sometimes. It’s good to know that I am not alone in this and that I will get through it. Also, it’s great to know that there is still so much love and female empowerment outthere. Feels nice! The flu surely put a damper on my latest victories but I just decided to not fight it and hang in there, which actually was the best way for me to get through all of it.


On a different note, I was sadly reminded of the vastly bad influence toxic people can have in our lives. I was debating for several months now to cut ties with a longterm friend – which is never a good sign – but when it finally happened after yet another incident, I felt incredibly free and content with myself. I think this whole issue deserves its own post though, so I will share my experience soon and would love to hear your experience with the frenemy issue.



Right after my last Currently post, I did get to watch 13 Reasons Why which stirred me up for many reasons. I knew beforehand that the last few episodes would be hard to watch but I honestly had no idea how excrutiatingly hard it would be. I had nightmares for days. If you haven’t watched it yet and are an emotionally sensitive person like me, be warned! To lighten my mood, I did watch Season 1 of Love (who else loves Gus?) and just started Parenthood which I weirdly never got to see when it was still a thing. But give me a good dose of Lauren Graham and I am all good!



I am working on an all new mixtape as we speak, for all the #Maybabies outthere of course! It will be chockfull of feel-good-songs and good-vibe-tunes. Perfect for late afternoons, catching up with the last bit of sunshine on the patio…



Yesterday, I finally received my pre-ordered copy of Ashley Graham’s A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Likeir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=am2&o=3&a=0062667947 Currently in May and started reading right away. So far, I really can’t tell you more than that, since I only made it a few pages in until I fell asleep. If you’re as infatuated with her as I am, chances are you will like to read it and get to know more about her story as well. I also decided to share my current reads in the blog’s sidebar if you’re interested. Just click on the image!



These days it’s all about a whiff of my freshly planted herbs. Be it oregano, parsley or my lovely basil – there’s nothing quite like it for me right now! And actually that’s where I am headed in a few minutes – outside on the patio with a cup of tea on hand. I might feel better but that cough is still clinging on for dear life…




What’s currently going on with you?




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New Bedroom Inspiration

New Bedroom Inspiration | Spunkyrella.comNew Bedroom Inspiration | Spunkyrella.com

It’s wild to know that I’ve been living in the new place for almost a year already! It surely wasn’t an easy one with all the renovations still going on for most of the time. Since the last coat of paint finally dried literally two weeks ago and I got to hang some art in the hallway (more on that soon), I am eager to start planning an all new bedroom.


New Bedroom Inspiration | Spunkyrella.com

Before moving, I planned on getting a bulky boxspring bed for the new place but ended up not loving one of the many ones I looked at. And when it comes to my bed, only liking it won’t cut it. I really need to love the bed. I want it sturdy but not bulky and comfy of course and the design to be timeless. A dark suede headboard sounds luxe and looks very chic, but I am sure I’ll grow out quickly. I am a picky one, that’s for sure.



I think of timeless when it comes to the new bed and know a sturdy wooden bed will be the best investment right now. Maybe antique oak wood or even mango wood, we’ll see. As soon as I beat that flu, I plan on visiting a showroom here in Vienna that features high quality beds tailored to your own needs. I hope that I finally find my dream bed there! Wish me luck.



When you are in my apartment, you have two sides. One side is darker in the mornings and sunnier in the afternoon and that’s where the entrance, hallway, bathroom and kitchen are. The kitchen and bathroom have French doors that lead to the terrace/patio space. The other side is where the living room and bedroom are located with ceilings almost 5m high and a complete window wall with 8 windows (4 by 4). The space used to be a gallery before. So, when I say bright, I really mean it. Before I had shades installed, I couldn’t sleep without a sleeping mask because it felt like I am in the midst of a brightly lit stadium, that’s how bright it really is!


As much as I love the light-flooded apartment and its white walls, for the bedroom I crave a darker vibe to tone it down a notch. Since I don’t want to paint the walls dark – been there, done that in the old place – I want to find a dark and moody wallpaper that’s removable. An easy way to change the mood in the new bedroom and the perfect solution for renters since it’s quickly removable. I haven’t found the one yet, but you know me, I am on the hunt.



The only thing I did invest in for the bedroom upon moving, was a new wardrobe. I decided on a large IKEA Pax with lots of storage. Pretty simple. I did bring my old dresser but it isn’t the right size and fit for the new place, so I want to update that one as well. As much as I love Scandinavian inspired furniture, I realized that I am more and more drawn to industrial style and midcentury furniture with a modern twist. With a wooden bed and a dark patterned wall, a dark midcentury style dresser like the one pictured above would be the perfect addition, don’t you think?


New Bedroom Inspiration | Spunkyrella.com

What do you think of my vision for a new bedroom? I might share a floor plan of the place soon, because it’s much easier to understand the peculiar shape and structure that way 


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Introducing: Fierce Woman

Introducing: Fierce Woman | Spunkyrella.com

I am excited to finally announce what has been years in the making: Fierce Woman. First, let’s go down memory lane for a moment. I started Spunkyrella in April 2011, so 6 years ago, and after a year of dedicating this space almost entirely to a so-called metamorphosis workout program and everything around it, I was done and knew I needed to shift my focus.


At that time, my obsession with magazines that focused on women’s issues just started. I read every interview I could get my hands on and watched every video there was. I was fascinated and eager to learn about life from other women. There was just one part that irked me. It was always famous women who were asked about life and struggles. I respect where they are coming from, but I wanted to see the regular Joanne in the spotlight, and wanted to get real and talk about topics you wouldn’t necessarily see discussed elsewhere. Loss, addiction, financial struggles, cancer, abuse, abortion, infertility, mental health, racism, poverty, … You know, the uncomfortable things we don’t necessarily like to talk about but really need to. From woman to woman.


Fierce Woman | Spunkyrella


I knew right then and there that I wanted to create a platform that allows me to talk to women I met through blogging, freelancing and basically life. Women from different backgrounds, who overcame various obstacles, who have a vision and go for it. Women, who speak up. Women, who’s stories need to be told. Women, like you and me, who hustle hard and are okay with popularity and fame if it comes in the package, but who are not out to look for it in the first place.


Thus, Fierce Woman was born and for years its working title was The Fearless but I was never really happy with it. It sounds shallow and unreal, no?! I mean even the bravest and boldest ones fear at least one thing, so that title had to go…


fierce | the combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions.


That’s when I realized that by saying fearless, I actually meant fierce. I tried hard to find an alliteration that goes with it, to no avail. That’s when my friend Nina stepped in and with a little nudge, she encouraged me to not play around and call that taking-the-world-by-storm-gal what she truly is – A Fierce Woman!


Then the fun part began. Since I wanted to launch Fierce Woman on the blog, I needed a fresh fierce look and was on the hunt to find someone who could do just that. I knew finding a letterer who gets my vision and who is able to put that feeling into writing was no easy task. Enter Courtney Shelton from Hibrid to the stage. I always had her in the back of my head and knew that I wanted to work with her one day. I love her signature lettering and adore the cool cat that she is. Courtney turned out to be the perfect fit! She knocked it out of the park, don’t you agree?!


That’s why I couldn’t wait any longer to share the news with you. The first interview won’t arrive for another couple of weeks, but at least there’s something now we can all look forward to: the launch of Fierce Woman. I sure do! ♥



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TALKINGMonthly Note

May Goals and Current Vibes

May Goals and Current Vibes | Spunkyrella.com

Another month flew by, another post coming to you straight from my couch. I feel like I got a good grip on that nasty flu and will be fine in just a few more days. And then it’s officially birthday month! Though my actual birthday isn’t before May 25th, I like to celebrate in true #Maybaby fashion every year. Because why not? Here’s what else I am up to this month…


Life after Whole30

As you know I did the Whole 30 in April and all in all I really liked it. I am sure my higher stress level during that time didn’t help and is partly responsible I came down with the flu in the end, but every big change comes with its side effects. Right?! So, I plan on continuing the prepping and cooking that saved me serious cash and also took the dread out of the daily lunch question. I plan on taking you along for the ride and share my favorite recipes that follow the basic paleo guidelines and are gluten-free and dairy-free for those who like to give it a try as well.


Operation New Bed

For my birthday this year, I want to treat myself to a new bed. When I moved almost a year ago, I thought I would go for a Boxspring bed since they are so popular right now and you can find different styles that suit different tastes, but as it turns out, I don’t really care so much for a bulky bed. I like a wooden frame and a great mattress and new sheets. We’ll see if it’s happening in time for my birthday. I actually prepared a new bedroom inspiration post that I’ll be sharing later this week. Stay tuned!


Behind the scenes

Since I registered Spunkyrella as a business, I’ve been struggling with formal stuff and taxes. Blogging isn’t a proper thing here in Austria, at least business-wise, so finding someone to help me out on how to do this right has been tough. And there are literally so many different opinions on what is right and wrong. It’s exhausting! This month, I plan on finally tackling that beast and finish my tax report before my birthday arrives. Also, if you happen to be Austrian and are or know a great tax accountant – let me know!


(Work) Trip in Fall

Since I was sick and had to cancel my trip to Berlin to attend The Hive, I plan on going on a trip later this year and maybe combine it with another professional gathering for creatives and bloggers if possible. I like to challenge myself and learn new things and would love to do so in a new city. If you happen to know anything that might be up my alley, let me know!



What are you up to this month? Are you a #Maybaby, too?



(Image by The Fit Foodie



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