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Little Miss Martie & The Method

408138_10150563504417969_269979477968_8835695_869694185_n Little Miss Martie & The Method

Lovelies,lately I´ve been reading a lot about the Tracy Anderson Method, Continuity and certain problems with it. As you might or might not know I completed the whole Omni-Meta program over the last summer, shed a couple of inches and 33 lbs all in all. That was until August 21, when I crashed my mountain …

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Reset – Boost – Reset

steg Reset   Boost   Reset

Long lost Little Miss Martie is back – sort of. I had a really tough time during the Nutrient Boost Week (blackout, anyone?). So by the end of the week I allowed myself at least a little carbs here and there, I didn´t gain anything but it was hard enough. It was the hottest week in …

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Monday Morning Madness – Tracy edition

Tracy-anderson-hot-abs-workout-s Monday Morning Madness   Tracy edition

Lovelies,another kilo lost. I am in heaven :) So let´s dedicate this Monday Morning Madness to Miss Badass Tracy, shall we? x Daily Mail Online Article: This girl tried the Tracy Anderson 30 Day Plan but was having trouble with the Eating Plan x Marie Claire has Tracy´s Top 5 Body-Sculpting Excercises online x Tracy Anderson …

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Standing Still – Still Standing

scale-cartoon1 Standing Still   Still Standing

Lovelies, I´ve been through a couple of crazy days Meta-wise, picture this: As you may or may not know I´m currently on Omni-Meta Level 4, I never actually followed the Dynamic Eating Plan though but I was happy to achieve a constant weight loss of about 1/2 kg (1 lbs) per week – which is …

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