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September Goals + Current Vibes

September Goals + Current Vibes |

It’s funny how summer seems endless and then it’s suddenly gone. I, for one, am embracing the fall weather, crisp morning air and the occasional sunny bits. Just how I like it!   So, September it is and it’s been exactly one month since my new bed arrived after the whole ordeal and I couldn’t …

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Words That Might Change A Life

Love Languages - Words of Affirmation | Spunkyrella

Life doesn’t happen overnight. It sure does happen, but the one we dreamed of, the one we made vision boards of, that one is taking hard work and dedication. And even then it might take a few years or decades to actually happen. Consider yourself lucky when the ones by your side believe in you …

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From Here On Out

Real Talk - From Here On Out |

To call it writer’s block wouldn’t do it justice. I could also blame it on the gnarly migraines happening weekly, the never-ending problems with furniture deliveries or the horrendous heat that’s been reigning over Vienna the last few weeks. Whatever I call it, however I split the blame on different problems for not blogging, it …

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TALKINGMonthly Note

July Goals and Current Vibes

July Goals and Current Vibes |

It’s been a minute or two or, well, a whole month. I know, I know, but what can I say? Life happened? That’s so cliché, right?! In this case it’s true. Between dealing with impossible furniture shops, finding and fighting a wasp colony next to my patio (not-so-funny side note: I am allergic to wasp …

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