New Bedroom Inspiration

New Bedroom Inspiration |

It’s wild to know that I’ve been living in the new place for almost a year already! It surely wasn’t an easy one with all the renovations still going on for most of the time. Since the last coat of paint finally dried literally two weeks ago and I got to hang some art in …

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The Best Pancakes

The Best Pancakes |

I was looking forward to Sunday brunch in Berlin while attending The Hive this weekend, as you know. But life had other plans. I came down with a full-blown flu mid-week and sadly had to cancel my trip.   Instead, after four days of bed rest, I decided to celebrate my first day feeling slightly …

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LIVINGLife + Mind

What The Whole 30 Taught Me So Far

Things 10 Days Whole30 Taught Me |

You know that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 3 years ago and I lived okay with the meds but I never felt like I used to. There was no lasting energy and even though my mind was eager to make plans, my body just wasn’t able to follow suit and I always felt exhausted. …

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LIVINGLife + Mind

5 Ways To Live More Intuitively

How To Live More Intuitively |

One of my goals this year is to actively listen to my body and learn what it needs. Sometimes that means a fresh green smoothie and other times it means having all the chocolate cookies and a nice cup of coffee to wash it down with. It’s all about balance, you know. Lately, there was no balance …

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