Work Trips + Road Trips | A Book for Creative Freelancers

Work Trips And Road Trips | Spunkyrella.com

In an effort to not only talk feminism but live feminism, I want to practice what I preach and support one of our very own. Monika Kanokova is a visionary, a GirlBoss, a creative force who is ready to publish her third book (in 3 years!) by launching her latest Kickstarter campain.


Her books are inspiring and motivating especially for us hustlers and working girls in the creative field. Monika’s latest baby Work Trips + Road Trips – A Book For Creative Freelancers includes topics such as success, mindfulness, goals, money and travel. As usual she interviews 15 extraordinary women from the creative community, such as photographers, designers, art directors and even chefs who didn’t wait around for opportunities to happen, but eventually created their own!


Wouldn’t it be great to get to read this book?
This is where you come in!


Work Trips And Road Trips | Spunkyrella.comWork Trips And Road Trips | Spunkyrella.com

There is only less then a week left to get Work Trips + Road Trips funded, please chime in! You can support by getting The Reviewer Bundle for only 1 Euro or invest in different bundles up to 60 Euros. The latter will secure you a spot at her Secret Dinner Party in Berlin or Vienna (where I’d be as well, yay!). Since Monika is always someone to have a Plan B on hand, she even decided to offer a limited number of spots to hire her to revamp your blog or website!


If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it goes like this: You make a financial pledge by choosing a bundle of your choice – as I said it starts with only 1 Euro. Pledging means, you get charged the amount you promised as soon as the funding sum is met. Also, you get value for supporting a project. In this case, you get the book (or all three) either in pdf format or a tangeable copy, depending on the bundle you chose!  More here



So please skip your pricey latte-to-go just once or twice and support this important and much needed career guide for female hustlers!
Thank you




— This is not a sponsored post. I support causes I believe in and will continue to do so! —

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Free Prints To Make Your Day

Free Prints To Make Your Day | Spunkyrella

Who doesn’t love free prints? I know I do. Since last years round-up was such a crowd favorite – more here – I thought, I am going to share another three must haves with you guys. I say coffee, donuts and beautifully illustrated quotes. What do you say?


Life Happens coffee helps

I was ready to purchase this print for my future office area, the second I found it on Pinterest. Who knew, it’s a free print after all? Amazing and suitable for the die hard java junkie.  More here


Free Prints To Make Your Day | Spunkyrella

Donut care

Funny donut puns are totally my jam. I framed this one and gave it to a coworker recently and she loved it so much. The other donut prints are adorable too. There’s one for everyone, I guess. Which one is your favorite?  More here



Beautiful things happen when you think

Ah, the ones that make us smile and think and are great to look at are the best ones, right?! My girl Corina totally nailed it with this pink beauty back in 2015 and it’s still such an important message today. Maybe more needed than ever before! I love the added handwritten bit and the cool vibe. Are you ready to print it already?  More here



What’s your favorite?



(Top image by CollectiveHub)


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My Dream Team For Happy Glowy Skin

My Dream Team For Happy Glowy Skin with It Cosmetics and Too Faced | Spunkyrella.com

When I gave you the 101 on my Daily Face Product Roundup a while ago, many of you pointed out that it’s quite an extensive regimen. And you were right! My skin just can’t find it’s balance and has horrible break-out phases and then again looks amazing with nearly nothing on. Fun times, but I guess many of you can relate, right?!


Since I am quite picky when it comes to skincare and makeup, it’s hard to find the one. You know, I try to go the all natural organic skincare route but usually those products are way too rich for my sensitive combination skin with dry spots. It’s fun you guys! Then, about a month ago all of that changed. I tried out two new products that form an absolute dream team for happy glowy skin.


Here’s the gist


Too Faced Hangover Face Primer

I usually don’t use primer because I’ve heard somewhere that it can cause even more breakouts on sensitive combination skin. From a visual point of view, it always looked like my face would melt in the middle of the day because of primers. So, that’s not what I am going for with glowy skin in mind!


When many beauty editors came out to praise the Too Faced Hangover Face Primer, that’s sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free, I wanted to give it a try myself. The primer is infused with coconut water and probiotics to nourish and replenish depleted skin while locking down makeup for fresh and flawless wear, like the product description provides. I couldn’t wait to use it right away and I must say I really like the texture and the fact that it’s the first non-sticky primer I got to use. It sinks right in and creates an even canvas.


The only thing I am 50/50 about is the smell. Many loooove the Pina Colada-like smell and don’t get me wrong, I love me some coconut and pineapple too! Just not that early in the morning. It does fade quickly though, so it’s manageable for my sensitive nose.



It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream With SPF 50+

When I talk about makeup or foundation, I actually mean tinted moisturizer and BB creams. I don’t even own a heavy foundation of any kind. A CC cream was something I didn’t try so far. Again this one got all the raves online, especially teamed up with the Hangover primer and, as it turned out, for a good reason.


The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream With SPF 50+ does what the name suggests and more. It’s an all-in-one multitasking beauty product that gives great coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. The CC cream protects your skin with a whopping SPF 50+ and is packed with anti-oxidants and exotic natural botanicals to improve and hydrate skin visibly. According to the package slip, it’s even clinically shown to improve skin’s hydration by up to 179%, I mean whoa, right?!


I have a quite fair complexion during winter, so finding a shade that works is always a bit of a hassle. Many shades look either too beige or too rosy on my skin. With this babe, I decided on Light, that weirdly looks quite dark in the tube, and haven’t looked back ever since. It’s slightly yellow tinted which is amazing for balancing out redness and possible discoloration.


What I also love about the CC Cream is the amazing tangy smell. I am not someone for a Pina Colada in the wee hours, but with lemon I’ll go all day every day! If you’re not a lemon devotee, don’t worry, the smell fades quickly as well.


So far, I am very happy with my new dream team! I am much quicker in the morning. I only add a bit of under-eye-concealer, mascara and a dash of rouge. Done and good to go!




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Three Cities I Must Travel To This Year

Three Cities I Must Travel To | Spunkyrella

Last year, we talked about 4 Cities in Europe you and I must see and sadly I only made it to one of them. Amsterdam, Stockholm and Lisbon are still on my wishlist, while I had an amazing weekend in Prague, so I don’t want to complain here. I am just an urbanite by heart, cities are my jam and I like the energy that’s almost palpable in a bustling city. Nothing makes me happier!


This year though I am finally going to Berlin, where I’ve never been thus far! Can you believe that? Austria is Germany’s neighbor but I never travelled North of Bavaria. In May, it’s finally happening. A weekend in Berlin, I am thrilled to experience! If you have any recommendations, keep them coming!


I am still dreaming about a solo trip to Lisbon one of these days. I don’t know what exactly draws me to this city, but I just know I have to make it happen. A cozy little hotel, with a room overlooking parts of the city, is just what the doctor ordered. Just me, myself and my camera. I am in!


Last but not least, it’s been way too many moons since good old New York City has seen my face. Ever since I lived there and then visited at least once a year for several years after, I have felt this sadness deep within. Like a long lost love, that proverbial one that got away… That’s how I feel about NYC. I miss it so much it hurts, but I am afraid leaving again would crush me even more so. Still, I believe it’s been so many years and it doesn’t necessarily have to hold so many tragic memories anymore. There’s always room for amazing new ones and new friends I am dying to finally meet in person (Hi, Sara!). So, we’ll see. Nothing is set in stone yet but I think a quick trip might be in the cards this year.




What’s on your travel wishlist this year?




(Image courtesy of Jinna Yang from Project Inspo)



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5 Ways To Save A Sh*tty Day

How To Save A Shitty Day | Spunkyrella.com

Some days just start, well off, and when that day is a Monday, it can be even worse. No reason to feel doomed though. I did the field work – especially after a weekend like this – and decided to share what helps me to spin a shitty day around. Or at least to make it suck less. Ready?


Restart your day

Do you have the same routine every day? I bet you do like many of us. Think about what would make your morning easier on you right now? Reading in your favorite book for 10 minutes first thing in the morning? A new smoothie recipe to start the day? Or a quick shower with a zesty shower gel to lift your mood maybe? I listed my favorites below for you. All of these work! Trust me.


Treat Yourself

Sometimes sleeping in or spontaneously taking a day off, is not in the cards. If you can, leave work early or come in later. Treat yourself to a solo breakfast at your favorite joint or have a late lunch there. Nothing works better lifting your mood, than truly great food!


Write a Thank You Note

That sounds odd, I know! But hear me out. When I feel really bad, writing a heartfelt note or email to someone makes me feel better instantly. Did you come across a blog post you loved or an Instagram snap of one of your favorite people? Tell them! Chances are, no one did and it will make their day.


Fuel up on vitamin d

Those gray and dreary days sure take a toll on us and our mood. Our bodies and minds crave sunlight and since I am no fan of tanning beds, there are proven ways to imitate that more safely: take a walk on your lunch break, eat some wild salmon with veggies or have this liquid immune-mood-boost. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear in no time, promised!


Be kind to yourself

As I always like you (and myself) to remember: You have a bad day, not a bad life! Some days are just meant to be spent snuggled up on the couch with a big piece of savory chocolate cake and a Meg Ryan romcom from the 90s. It’s fine and necessary sometimes. Be kind and gentle and treat yourself like a trusty friend. With love, not guilt ♥



(Image via Saint of Sass)



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