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September Goals + Current Vibes

September Goals + Current Vibes |

It’s funny how summer seems endless and then it’s suddenly gone. I, for one, am embracing the fall weather, crisp morning air and the occasional sunny bits. Just how I like it!


So, September it is and it’s been exactly one month since my new bed arrived after the whole ordeal and I couldn’t be happier. I tell you all about it including photos and intense throw pillow details next week.


What else is going on?


Facing the camera

Just as August came to an end, I decided I needed great photos of myself. I follow Jenn for a while now on Instagram and adore her photos. Her fresh and wild non-staged approach to photography really resonated with me. Suddenly she had a free spot just before her move to Bali and I was happy to jump at the chance. I can’t wait to see the results and share them with you too. I felt so comfortable and very much like myself – maybe the first time in ages – that I didn’t even bother to micromanage her or anxiously try to have a glimpse or two. I fully trusted her and just know I will love the outcome. Stay tuned!


The Work Trips + Road Trips Dinner Date

Since we funded Monika Kanokova’s latest book Work Trips + Road Trips (thank you all!). I was looking forward to her secret dinner date as part of my backers’ reward. This month, it’s finally happening and I am as thrilled as my inner introvert is terrified to meet new like-minded creative hustlers and spend a fun evening together.


Bringing back #BrunchQueensVienna

It’s been a while since Lil Sis and I went all out brunching our way through the city. We both haven’t been too keen on leaving our air-conditioned apartments in these hot and humid weeks. Fall is perfect to reignite that flame and take you with us for the next brunch in and around Vienna.


And now excuse me while I am digging into my latest H&M Home order that just arrived! Have a lovely weekend 



What are your plans this month?



(Image via Britta Nickel)


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Sparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance

Sparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance -

Sparks is my way to share images and quotes with you, that speak to me. I collect all different kinds of visuals for inspiration and happen to find myself drawn to a very distinct overall theme every once in a while…

This time, welcome to

Dwell In Abundance


Sparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance -

To dwell on something can have a positive ring to it. Dwell in the last days of summer for instance! Take it all in. Have some quality time with yourself where and however you want. Take an early morning walk to the market, watch your favorite movie (again), finally go to the new coffee shop and sit in the spot you’ve been eyeing for way too long, have your best friend over for drinks on the patio just as the sun sets, get as many plants as your place tolerates and then get some more! Being ready for Fall can only stem from a summer well lived… Take it all in  What does dwell in abundance mean to you?


Sparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 04 | Dwell in Abundance -



(Images via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 )



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Monday Madness No. 130 | Feminist AF

Monday Madness No. 130 | Feminist AF -

It’s August and the early morning air smells like Fall already. Can you feel it too? Oh, I can’t wait for my favorite season to come around! But for now, it’s Monday and we’re long overdue for a good old issue of Monday Madness, aren’t we?!


I am happy to share some much needed link love today. In true Spunkyrella tradition, I am proud to feature some badass bloggers and female writers, who keep spreading some girlpower and who are just feminist AF. Speaking of…



Un-basic Basics by Gabi and Nicolette. The badass babes just launched Premme, an affordable plus-size line with unique pieces. The above pictured Feminist AF denim jacket is too die for, isn’t it?!


• Ana really hit a soft spot with her post Why you feel there’s not enough time in a day! We all can relate, now can we?!


On Kindness vs Niceness – I am totally on board with Jack and feel the same way. There’s a not so subtle difference!


“I love my body, but I don’t always like it”, could definitely be a quote by yours truly. It’s from Jackie though, a badass blogger I started following eons ago. She’s fierce and amazing!


• Callie Thorpe called out internet trolls and raised awareness on the issue. Here she speaks up about the hate she received lately – “I was trolled after appearing in Vogue”. Will this ever stop?


What to do when social media makes you hate everyone? A not so subtle nod to this current phenomenon and what to do about it.


And last but not least, since we all could need a bit more kindness right now, a trip down the archives: What this world needs! 



Short but sweet! Have the best Monday 



(Image courtesy of Whitney Guyer Young)


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Mixtape 25 | Mellow Summer

Mixtape 25 | Soul of Summer

Even though the summer heat can really get to me at times, I love to walk around barefoot at home and crank up the AC when necessary. When it’s time for some good old quality time on the patio though, I happily give my mixtapes a listen – once the sun is gone that is!


Here’s my latest baby, chockful of all those gloriously mellow summer tunes. Have a listen!
I hope you enjoy your Sunday as you’re reading this, iced coffee in hand, humming along to The Killer’s for starters…. Have a great one 




Have you checked out the 24 Mixtapes that came before this one? This way to the mixtape collection. And make sure to follow Spunkyrella on Spotify!




Enjoy your Sunday




(Image courtesy of Kenneth Munoz via Midnight Shivers)



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Words That Might Change A Life

Love Languages - Words of Affirmation | Spunkyrella

Life doesn’t happen overnight. It sure does happen, but the one we dreamed of, the one we made vision boards of, that one is taking hard work and dedication. And even then it might take a few years or decades to actually happen. Consider yourself lucky when the ones by your side believe in you fiercely…



I recently took the infamous love language test and as it turns out my love language is words of affirmation, I could have sworn it would be touch. It makes sense though, I jump back a little bit when new people go in for a hug right away. The ones who are close and dear to my heart can’t hug me often enough though, but it takes time to get there.


Words of affirmation.


That had to sit for a while. Yes, I took the test twice and it still said that my love language lies in words. Deep within, I am all about words. I love to write, to read, to talk and I am probably the last person around here who enjoys sending and receiving novel-like emails. I am all about that. I need to empower the dearest ones in my life, it’s almost a tick I cannot help myself with. I like to make gifts and of course I like to receive them, too. It’s not the same though.


The most meaningful incidents I can think of off the top of my head were heartfelt words and notes I received unexpectedly. That’s what gets me. It might be because I didn’t grow up with that. I never heard anything close to encouragement. I think within that lies my constant need to spread love too. Hearing words of affirmation still takes me by surprise and shots right to my core. It’s bittersweet.


Recently, within conversation, there was a subtle “I believe in you” thrown at me. It was sincere and heartfelt and totally unexpected. Words of affirmation right there and I teared up. I knew about the support, I felt it. To hear it, is a totally different level though. Try it out some time, it might move mountains…



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