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Sarah Silverman once said, depression feels like being homesick even though you are at home. That’s what describes my current state of mind the best.


Physically, I am totally fine. More than that to be honest. Doing the Whole 30 was one of the best decisions I made this year. I am 24 days in and I don’t intend to stop after the month. Mentally speaking, it’s a totally different game though. I knew this was coming. I read so much about the psychological aspects before getting into it. The hormones, the thyroid, the whole cycle of how things used to work in my body, now has to regroup and restructure. Something that went wrong for more than 30 years, cannot be fixed in 30 days. I knew that. I just didn’t know it would make me feel like I do feel right now. Very depressed and lethargic. I know it will fade but it feels utterly hopeless when you’re stuck in this. As long as I keep myself busy, I am fine. Can anyone relate?



Focused and productive in one moment, goofy the next and totally heartbroken just minutes later. It’s coming in waves right now. What helps me most is a variation of yoga poses, I love to work and breathe through. Nothing fancy, just those that feel best to me.


Other than that, I let my body and mind feel what it needs to feel and work through it. One fear after another. Classics such as: I am a failure, someone will be breaking and entering into the new place and murder me in my sleep, the new place will never be done, I don’t have any friends, my plane to Berlin will crash, etc. Yes, it feels as exhausting as it sounds and yet I know it’s not rational. It’s not true. It’s just my body working extra hard to have my hormones balanced out. To give me a chance to live a normal, pain-free, medication-free life one day!



Netflix really helped me out here. I watched documentaries like I Am Not Your Guru and goofy movies like Year One and just made it through the three-hour-epic Ghandi. Genius. On another note, I still can’t get over the fact how impeccable the last season of GIRLS was. I mean, it was just everything I wanted it to be and boy, did it deliver!



Speaking of GIRLS, I especially loved the soundtrack of the last couple of episodes and I am currently working on a new mixtape including many of its gems. My current favorite track comes from another big show. It’s Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka which is the intro to the superb mini series Big Little Lies. If you haven’t watched it yet – run and do so!



I started reading and browsed through many books over the last few weeks. The one, I need to mention here is the one that I can’t get out of my head these days. Olivia Laing’s The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Aloneir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=1782111255 Currently is the one I can relate to a great deal right now. Beautifully written, it captures moments of magical solitude and so much more… Read it!



Good and bad memories with the flip of a coin, a time traveling device if you will, an unintentional hint of fragrance…. Perfume can capture me and uplift my mood in an instant like nothing else can. Right now, my happy fragrance is Elizabeth + James Nirvana Bourbon. Ever since Nina sent me the roll-on, I am obsessed. I put it on immediately after having a shower and sadly it’s nearly empty and I can’t get it in Vienna. I am pulling through though and just put it on my birthday wishlist for May.



What’s currently going on with you?



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What The Whole 30 Taught Me So Far

Things 10 Days Whole30 Taught Me |

You know that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 3 years ago and I lived okay with the meds but I never felt like I used to. There was no lasting energy and even though my mind was eager to make plans, my body just wasn’t able to follow suit and I always felt exhausted. Doctors told me that this is just what it is and I have to accept that new normal, but I knew I never would!


I grew especially suspicious when I compared my bi-monthly blood work results from the last year. My thyroid hormone levels were stable within the healthy range thanks to the meds, but my antibodies increased steadily. That couldn’t be normal, I thought! A little research on holistic solutions proved me right.


Turns out the molecular composition of the thyroid tissue is almost identical to that of gluten.


Which is a big deal! It means when you take your meds, your thyroid can’t be attacked by the antibodies anymore. But as long as you continue to consume gluten, the antibodies will attack other parts in your body causing severe inflammation and also open the gates for other auto-immune diseases like diabetes to come join the party. It’s kind of a case of mistaken identity and pure chaos!


So to me it was a no-brainer to cut out gluten for good. And because I like to challenge myself and take it up a notch, I decided to reset my body and cook from scratch and not fall for those gluten-free products that would only confuse my system. Thus on April 1st, I went Whole 30.


By Day 2, I was lying on the cold tiled bathroom floor trying to breathe through the throbbing pain.  My body was heavily detoxing and after popping a pill and sleeping til noon, it faded and was gone and suddenly I felt amazing. Just like that. The headache came and went for a few days but ever since I feel an abundance of energy I had never known before. I am almost two weeks in and since a few of you asked if it’s really that hard, here are a few things doing the Whole 30 taught me so far.


Things The Whole 30 Taught Me |


What the Whole 30 Feels like

Allegedly this chart above shows the typical mindset throughout the Whole 30. From my experience this is only vaguely true. I’d say the first few days sucked and that’s the critical time where you need to be kind to yourself and just let your body adjust slowly. Ever since I am in the Tiger Blood phase. In my case that means much better sleep, no more joint pain or any pain in general (buh-bye migraines!), no feeling of fatigue after meals, no need for naps, an abundance of energy throughout the day and much more clarity overall. No more brain fog, no more whining! Do I bore you already?


Today is Day 13 for me and according to the chart I should be dreaming about junk food. Nope. Not the case! I am doing just fine without any of it. Of course I hope I won’t be eating my words by next week but for now, I enjoy this feeling while it lasts and take it day by day.


How the Whole 30 changes the daily routine

I am not going to lie, cooking everything from scratch definitely was a big adjustment, but I don’t want to continue relying on medication and still feel shitty for the rest of my life. This girl is going places and finally has the energy to do so! I ordered the Instant Pot IP-DUO60ir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=B00OP26T4K What The Whole 30 Taught Me So Far which helped a lot with all the cooking and also saves me so much time. I like to have many things to choose from. Right now there are cut up veggies in my fridge, hard-boiled eggs, different kinds of greens, meat balls, egg foo young-ish patties, veggie chicken coconut curry and roasted potatoes. Once a grazer when it comes to food, I am now fine with having three meals a day and probably one snack and I like to mix and match different foods. That keeps it interesting and so far, I have never felt bored with my food choices, which is crucial.


How to prep for the whole 30

There’s a very supportive Whole 30 Facebook group, that I just love. When I was having my bathroom floor moment, they encouraged me and told me to hang in there and just go back to bed and it was amazingly reassuring and caring. All of the members are extremely dedicated and willing to help with recipe ideas or any other possible hurdles along the way. I loved reading It Starts With Foodir?t=spunkyrella-21&l=as2&o=3&a=1628600543 What The Whole 30 Taught Me So Far and ordered several cookbooks before I started. The internet is a great source of course. But I like to sit down twice a week and browse the pages on the hunt for new recipes to try. It keeps the whole change fun and I can also learn new skills in the kitchen. Win win!


Thanks to the tremendous change I can see in myself, I cannot encourage you enough to give the Whole 30 a try! It’s only 30 days! Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help when I can 



(Above a peek into my new kitchen! Chart via Whole30)



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April Goals and Current Vibes

April Goals and Current Vibes |

This post is coming to you straight from my couch where I just took a break from bingeing Big Little Lies (so good!) while curing a massive hangover (not what you think!). So what’s going on this month…


Going Whole 30

Yup, that’s the reason for my hangover. On April 1st, I started my Whole 30 and the start was nasty, I am not going to lie. Today, I already feel like a new human. It’s insane! I am keeping a diary and plan on sharing my weekly thoughts with you and the reason why I decided to finally do it. You in?


Spreading (Blog) Love

It’s funny sometimes when you complain about things but are not aware of ways to change them, isn’t it?! In my case, I decided to stop complaining about the non-existent blogger community here in Austria (at least I didn’t have an overall great experience) and give credit where credit is due. Since I started Spunkyrella, there has been amazing support since the very first day. Those ladies might not be close enough to meet for a quick coffee in the city but thanks to emails and social media, they never seem far away. So I decided to say Thank You and curate personal packages to ship out. Standing in line at the post office, about to ship packages to Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Brazil was mindblowing to me and also made me deeply grateful. I am lucky girl and feel blessed for this kick-ass international girl gang


Behind The Scenes

In my post about 5 Ways To Live More Intuitively, I talked about the importance of “Create before you consume” and that’s something I am still not very good at. I want to share moments and blog so much more but always fall into the social media rabbit hole and hours later I am flooded with information and thoughts and doubts and much rather snug up on the couch to read a book or watch TV. That has to stop and I am working on spending my time more usefully by not grabbing my phone when I am bored or just want to have a look because I know how that usually turns out… don’t you?


Gearing Up for the hive 2017

I am so excited I finally booked my trip to Berlin next month. I wanted to attend The Hive Gathering since 2015 and it never worked out. This year, I can’t wait to attend and meet new people, learn a lot and get a fresh perspective on things, I hope. I even added an extra day to stroll around Berlin, since I have never been there before. Any tips? Are you attending The Hive as well?



(Image by Communal Coffee)


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8 Masks for Glowing Skin This Spring

8 Masks For Glowing Skin This Spring |

Spring is here and I am feeling all the guilt since I haven’t taken good care of my skin and myself lately. And it shows, but what can you do? Of course, I can start by guzzling down lemon water (which I already do), loading up on veggies (the greener, the better) and cutting out sugar (for now). While these are great ways to prep for Spring, the best way to get my skin back to its clean and plump self for me, is getting serious with face masks.


Over the years, I find myself going back to my oldies but goodies over and over again and they don’t disappoint as usual. But there are great new additions in the natural skincare department that I want to mention as well, so I picked out my absolute favorite 8 masks for glowing skin this Spring!


For Squeaky Clean Skin

If your face can use a deep detox to get out the winter gunk and prep for that nice Spring glow, Origin’s Clear Improvement clearly is your best bud. It’s activated charcoal does a great job by cleaning your pores like nothing else can. My skin is on the sensitive side, but I never had problems with this one as opposed to other charcoal masks. If you’re hesitant when it comes to charcoal products, read on for 4 Ways To Flirt With Charcoal Right Now and give it a try. Gunk be gone!


Also a Charcoal Cleaning Sponge is a great alternative to use daily to cleanse and gently scrub your face clean.


For Super Smooth Skin

One of my latest finds, that might be up your alley as well, is Kiehl’s Turmeric + Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. It might be a mouthful to say it out loud but this stuff is not kidding! It removes dull winter skin very gently and instantly brightens and leaves a rosy glow on your face. The skin feels silky smooth after!


Last year, when I raided Sephora during my Prague trip, I snagged a sample size of Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Gel Mask. It was gone quickly, but did not disappoint. It contains botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya and chamomile and is excellent to calm and sooth skin, even after a sunburn. I loved using it during the hot and humid summer as well for its cooling benefit that also reduces puffiness. Beauty Tip: Put it in the fridge for that extra boost!


For The At-Home Facial

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask is a new crowd-pleaser when it comes to all-in-one masks. The gel-like texture deeply hydrates, lightly exfoliates and clarifies the skin. It’s an all-natural mask and contains real Blue Tansy oil which gets all the praise right now. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature can heal the skin from deep within and is also known for its amazing aromatherapeutic use. It’s the one I personally haven’t tried from the bunch but honestly can’t wait to take out for a spin or two!


For instant glow, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Maks is where it’s at! Sadly I ran out of it and didn’t repurchase it thus far. It’s definitely on the pricier side but a little goes a long way and it’s 100% organic and cruelty-free! I loved the smell and how plump my face felt after using this gem. Take me back, take me back!


For Extra Hydration

Now we’ve come to my all-time favorite. I am talking about Fresh Rose Mask, of course! Actually, I was gasping for air this past weekend since I believed for a second I ran out of it, but then I remembered a little pot, I still had in the back of my drawer. Since my skin is a bit on the oily side, I never thought about hydrating masks, but I was very wrong. This one has a gooey consistency, smells heavenly and hydrates just the right amount. It instantly calms me down after a long day or when I am in need for a little me time. Needless to say, I always have to have this one on hand all year round!


For your eyes

I love a good eye-patch mask. Years ago, I would once a year splurge on those from YSL and cringed whenever I used them since they were so precious (and pricey). Ever since I discovered Sephora’s Green Tea Eye Mask Patches, I am not looking back! They are the absolute best, very affordable and I sometimes leave them on for hours when I am at home. The fiber patches visibly plump up and hydrate the delicate eye area and just do exactly what they promise! Sephora came up with a bunch of different ones, but I definitely like the Green Tea ones best!


For Very Dry Skin

Leave it to lil sis to surprise me with great tips. H&M’s Argan Oil + Rosehip Oil Face Mask is formulated for extra dry skin and a winner in her book. Affordable for every broke student and a great alternative to pricey face oils, she said. I’m intrigued, aren’t you?



What’s your favorite face mask for Spring?



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Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude

Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude -

Sparks is my way to share images and quotes with you, that speak to me. I collect all different kinds of visuals for inspiration and happen to find myself drawn to a very distinct overall theme.

This month, welcome to

Magical Solitude


Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude -

Do you enjoy being alone? Is there anything magical to it for you? To me, there’s nothing that grounds me more than being by myself by choice. Prepping a delicious meal for myself only, or watching a movie in that little cinema nearby. A long solo walk outside, or biking through the city without any plans is just what I need to feel like the best version of myself. Me at my fiercest can only come from well-spent alone time. What does magical solitude mean to you?


Sparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude - Spunkyrella.comSparks | 03 | Magical Solitude -





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